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  1. That’s Grey bro same as the piece as I got I was trying to see if anyone wanted a trade don’t get your panties in a bunch now
  2. Intimadator have grey grille not chrome std is black grilles. Not for sale I’d be willing to trade locally for a black one before I just paint it black for my truck
  3. Just got my hands on an intimidator grille really wanted a black one wonder if anyone willing to trade before I end up painting it black lol
  4. I almost had one on instagram from the ss clones page turned out to be a scam got my bank account frozen and everything and the user no longer exist but he only wanted $75 I should of offered $150 maybe he would of sent it lmao
  5. At this point anyone know of replica Or after market honeycomb grilles for sale
  6. I don’t get that either but from my understanding is they make replacement parts based of how long the model were produced in this case 03-05 style was produced longer than the 06 models With a half year run on the 07 models. At this point I would gladly pay retail stealership prices for that damn center grille
  7. I’m in search of center honeycomb grille my self Haven’t had any luck
  8. Looking for the ss honey comb center bumper grille either black or silver doesn’t matter just has to be the honey comb grille for 06-07 ss. I have a diamond mesh grille from the 03-05 ss Incase anyone want to trade
  9. Damn $900 for a rear bumper cover
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