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  1. I don’t get that either but from my understanding is they make replacement parts based of how long the model were produced in this case 03-05 style was produced longer than the 06 models With a half year run on the 07 models. At this point I would gladly pay retail stealership prices for that damn center grille
  2. I’m in search of center honeycomb grille my self Haven’t had any luck
  3. Looking for the ss honey comb center bumper grille either black or silver doesn’t matter just has to be the honey comb grille for 06-07 ss. I have a diamond mesh grille from the 03-05 ss Incase anyone want to trade
  4. I'm in for a set of front and rear brackets
  5. Damn $900 for a rear bumper cover
  6. So how was the meet?? Wish I could of gone but I work till 1:30am
  7. Are you sure it was oem and not another replica?? Haven't seen oem wings since sae sold out
  8. There's a few trucks out here in SoCal fully cladded side step must admit I'm not a fan of side steps but those side step clones are siiiick!! And different
  9. I have one of these wings as well I didn't purchase directly from him so I don't know the guy but I have no complaints about the wing. I had all the same problems you are having since it is fiberglass you need to do some sanding and modification. Unless you got some do it your self skills or body guy this wing is not for you. It took me about an hr or so to get it to fit but I only paid like $110 so you won't hear any complaints. The only way to have it be a direct bolt on is buying an original and we all know the cost and rarity of one of those. But if your not happy with I agree you should have asked for a refund instead of handling it in this manner.
  10. Whats the word on these Danny?? Any news...is this happening and how much??
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