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  1. Since I sold my 05 ss I have no use for this transfer Case & front differential I had as spares for my ss they are in perfect working condition they were removed from a low mile ss years ago I’m located in Los Angeles ca if interested give me a call 323-540-1119 thanks I cannot upload the pics if interested text me and I will send you pictures of the transfer case and front differential thanks
  2. I’m purchasing this 2005 Silverado single cab automatic 4.8 RST is their any way I can confirm is a real RST is their a phone number I can call and ask thanks
  3. Well thanks just order all 4 from norcalss (ride tech) I think that will work
  4. Stock high my truck is all original I just want to make sure the shocks will work before I spend my money on something that won't work
  5. Quick ? I want to replace the shocks on my intimidator but I know the drop on this trucks is not the same as a Silverado ss has any one replace their shocks on their intimidator any recommendations thanks....
  6. Ssblue24 wassup call me
  7. Cool I'm trying to order a truxedo roll up cover for my intimidator thanks for your help downeast johnny I'm no we're near my truck
  8. Quick ? Our ss Silverado are 6.5 ft long right
  9. wanted ,,,,,,intimidator floor mats and the bow tie on the pic
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