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  1. Just put on a set of Michelin defender ltx. 70k mile warranty. So far they are great! Good through snow and all. I paid $954 otd. Discount tire
  2. Wow they look good! I bought the exact same ones years ago. After I got them I didn't open and test them forever lol turns out one light is crap and no more warranty. Circuit board thingy is faulty or something. Sucks,brand new and collecting dust
  3. http://m.ebay.com/itm/Chevrolet-Silverado-SS-Cladding-single-cab-Rocker-panels-PreFabricated-99-06-/252140234635?nav=SEARCH is this your truck?? What's happening? Edit: prob just stealing your photo..
  4. decently quiet. Didn't bother me. They were actually quieter than my summer tires. I highly recommend them. And I've never had some much fun driving in fresh snow! Another bonus is they're studless, don't need them, and they don't ruin the roads. As mentioned before, take them off early spring. Dry pavement is a cheese grater to them
  5. Shop around. I had mine rebuilt by a differential specialist for $800 with installation. 24 hour turnaround. Lucked out
  6. Don't cheap out. Michelin defender ltx. Expensive but worth their weight.
  7. Can't comment about the fogs, but definitely get the 55w kit. I have 6k color and its pure white with a hint of blue. Love it.
  8. Oh yea very bright. Night and day compared to stock halogen's
  9. ddmtuning.com, i love their hids. Bought a set for $40? Ish. 4 years and going strong!
  10. Axle nut 35mm. 177ft/lb. 3 bolts 133ft/lb (If I remember). Verify for yourself please.... Changed mine a few weeks ago. Give yourself plenty of time in case they're rusted in. My driver side was a pita. Pass side walk in the park. Double check the torque on the axle nut. Crucial for bearing reliability/longevity.
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