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  1. Anyone use 17x9.5 Racestars on the front?
  2. Does 17x9.5 fit the fronts of the 03-06 Silverados?
  3. 76mm turbo 10 psi boost with mild blower cam.
  4. Hey guys, I am getting an RPM LVL 6 trans in Jan/Feb for my 03 SSS, and will be needing to get a stall put in as well. My question is which is a good stall for my build: Current Mods: headers and cold air intake. Future Mods: Turbo and cam Thinking Circle D or Yank, but dont know the stall speed. Help a brother out
  5. How does it run? Planning on getting mine in Jan/Feb
  6. How is that stage 6 transmission. I am planning on getting one in January/February. Want to see how it's treating you so far.
  7. What finishing are those rims? Gunmetal, chrome or polished?
  8. Did you use the stock transfercase that came from an 03 SSS or did you have to get a different one?
  9. Can a 305/40 fir on the rims?
  10. I was wondering where everyone who bought the TBSS reps got them from. Plus, can a 305/40 fit on the 22x9 rim? Thanks
  11. will 305/40 fit on the TBSS 22x9 rim?
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