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  1. I'm Tryin to decide if I want to paint the air ducts or not. What u think? Guess I can dip em too to see what they look like.
  2. I got it from lowes. Like $6 can. It's great for car shows too. Specially if ur driving there. Just spray on the bumper or good and peel it off when u get there don't have to worry about chips n bugs. Yes it's over oem chrome rims. The best part is that u don't have to scuff them u just spray over the chrome. If u don't like it peel it all off in one big piece. It's matte black too not gray or brownish tint like some blacks have.
  3. Well I used this stuff called plasti dip and painted my stock chrome wheels black. It's pretty cool stuff u can pressure wash and clean this stuff. Can't degrease them or use any chemical on them. If I get tired of this look I can just peel it off like a vinyl sticker. Don't have to scuff anything. Pretty durable stuff. What y'all think?
  4. Send me $800 and I'll buy me some black ones off eBay then transfer my tires over then send my chrome ones to the lucky donor. :)I'll pay shipping.
  5. Lol I know u don't know me but I'll give u my word in writing if u want. Too bad u don't live close.
  6. Ok but em, sen to me so I can switch my tires over then I'll ship u mine. I don't have any spare rims to put on mine an it's my dd.
  7. I can't sellcuz I don't have another set to put back on. I just need another set of stock silver ones or I'll paint these.
  8. Yeah I know. I can't find anyone around me that has an ss rims to trade me.
  9. That's a good looking truck u got there. Mines not getting too bad mpg. I get like 17 hwy n 12-13 city. That's pulling my rzr around some too. I dont know if I want to go that big right now. Thanks for offer. I'd keep the truck it looks good.
  10. what do they look like and how far away are you from arkansas? no curb, or peeling look great!
  11. Yes they have tops too. They are on eBay. Avalanche style I think.
  12. What y'all think about the bumper lights? I want to get headlights to match but these things keep condensating up and I've silicones em too. Guess its around the bulbs. I was also thinking about painting the air duct black. But dunno on the silver. I've seen on the other colors and it looks good.
  13. Thanks! I used bolts with clips. I prolly over killed on it but I don't want it coming off. Lol I think I got like 10x 10mm bolts on it.
  14. Yeah mines off a 05 Tahoe. Think it was like $30. Next is painting the chrome rims gloss black and emblems black.
  15. Got my hood yesterday. Had lil DMG but fixed it and sprayed it today. Tell me what u think!
  16. I was told by gm guy that the front n rear diffs need to have a friction modifier added to them when changing fluids. Anyone else heard this?
  17. Ordered mine but with free shipping. It was still 297.00 the said its over size fee. I even called em and tried to grip and see if I can get it for 197 but no luck. Hood should be here Monday or tuesday. Luckly I work at body shop so it's free for me. ? body work can get exspensive sometimes. I'll post some pics after its installed. Sucks have the silver cuz u just can't panel paint it and slap it on, I got to blend the fenders so it will look good. No biggie.
  18. I have set of stock chrome rims no rash. I'm fixing to paint gloss black and figured someone might want to trade for some black ones. Pm if so
  19. I have a set of chrome stock ss wheels I'm fixing to sand n paint unless there's anyone wanting to trade for a black set.
  20. U can just sand ur current handles down and prime n paint to match.
  21. Anyone have a pacesetter long tube part number for the awd ss so I can tell summit.
  22. I'd like to but at the track I'd have to run stock sized wheels n tires instead of my race ones, either that or I get two PCM's one for street n one for strip.
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