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  1. I agree. His many claims inspired this thread. So none of the SSs have the 4L80E tranny?
  2. Unfortunatly info from Wiikipedia can't be trusted as fact.. My '07 is fully badged and marked like all the other SSs.. Here's a Craigs list ad that got me wondering. Seems this owner feels the gearing, breaking etc was different too. His sits no different than my stock '07. http://houston.craig...2864375038.html
  3. Thanks for taking the time to repond. I am sorry I can't offer any help. Mine is not an Initmidator. From what I can gather Mine is one of the last 100 SSs made. It's an 07 titled in 12-06. I have heard here on the forum that the last 1033 '06 Silverado SSs were set aside as Intimidators. But only 933 were made. Seems Chevy sold the last 100 as 07s. Any confirmation of this would be interesting.
  4. What are ALL the differences between the '06 Intimidator and the standard SS?
  5. It may "fit",but not properly.. '06 and '07 have a different grille design.
  6. Nice truck. Besides the badges and spoiler, what are the differences between the SS and the Intimidator? Have any interior pics?
  7. Tell me, whats wrong with trying to define yr model differences of any type? There are a lot of silver grilled 06 BLK SSs. I am reffering to GM literature etc.. Can any you pros tell me why? Hell no! I never seen such an insecure bunch of assholes!. Why is it only the punks respond on here?
  8. I said, "I think I found the differences" I should have said Black SSs. Silver grille work would look crappy on a silver exterior. All the black 06s I have seen, have silver grilles. The only '07 I have seen came with a blackout grille and scoop grills. How is your grille any different than mine? Click on my avatar, you will see my grille blown up. Nothing different. You're tripping dude!
  9. I think the only difference between the '06 and '07 SS. '06 has a silver grille. The '07 is black.
  10. Does the scoop affect the sound of the intake? How well does the Volant scoop mate up to the SS brake scoop?
  11. Thanks for the invite. I keep meaning to take the Vette there. But it's too early for me. Break of dawn to get a good spot.
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