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  1. I have an 03 SSS with 80000 miles on it, it is in 9/10 condition inside and out with new paintjob and windshield. I am thinking about selling it, any ideas on what I should ask for it?
  2. Where did you move the cats too and did you have to have 02 extensions? Do you have a link to them by chance?
  3. What did you end up doing? I am getting some LT from texas speed and need to be able to pass emissions in the houston area. If i can get away with no cats then no problem I know what to do there, but on the other hand if i decide to keep the cats, what are you guys doing with the exhaust,cats and o2 sensors? I have it dumped out of flowmaster 40 DI/DO. Is there anyway to keep the DI/DO? Is there any benefit to it?
  4. PM email information..I am in.Black hat with charcoal stitching.
  5. Guess I missed this order! Damnit! PM me next time around and im in for sure!
  6. What was the "out the door" price on the reps from discount?
  7. Count me in for for two xl please!!
  8. Please save me one until friday if you can!!
  9. so this is the whole kit for the cam install correct?
  10. whats the installation like on this system?
  11. 150 shipped for the ls9 cam and springs?
  12. where can we purchase the hoodies or lanyards now?
  13. id be down to get one if they're fitted flat bills or maybe even the flexfit idea
  14. hey man do you still have it?
  15. im in for a couple let me know how
  16. sorry guys i been super busy with work and school. I dont know the exact mileage on the tires because i just bought the truck in October. I'll post pics tmrw the center caps are all in pretty good condition. check back tmrw for pics
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