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  1. This is news I always see the black one that is all tore up damn shame some people have no respect for these trucks
  2. the offset is a 31 on them our trucks are 30 if memory serves me right
  3. was curious if anybody had these rims in gloss black on our truck or 0-06 body style or can find a picture thanks in advance
  4. No I put it in about 2 years ago I just put got around to pulling it out of storage and putting my new motor in and noticed it when I was checking to make sure my pillar gauge lit up right. not sure on the relay adapater seeing as it was forever ago but I know it's not the one your talking about. Just put the DDM hids in the truck I was running them on my Duramax for a while and never had the problem in there with the same head unit
  5. I have a pioner avh 4300 dvd, I'm noticing 2 problems first one is when my headlights are turned on there is interference, just total static over the music I'm running DDM 6k 55w hids turn headlights off no problem and no problem with parking lights on., second problem is I can only have it turned half way up get in between 1/2 and 3/4 starts getting really distorted and speakers start pop. any help input would be great, thanks in advance!
  6. Red is definitely the fastest lol and Welcome!
  7. Do you guys have a cat back system ready to go? and what would be the price on it? will be running 1 7/8 long tubes with down pipe to bolt up to cat back system
  8. 07 Classic I was just about to post that thanks for catching it!
  9. Within the next few weeks I will be picking away at my 2007 ccsb it was rolled so almost everyrhing is salvageable except a few dash pieces and cab/box and fenders, it has tan clothe interior, 4.8l and 4l60e transmission I will have pics as a start digging into it if there is anything in particular you are looking I will start there first with pictures, prices etc.. thanks for looking
  10. Definitly a good laugh haha love the honesty though
  11. I started out with a 08 CBR 600 sold it wish I kept it some days then had 09 CBR 1000 fiancee made me sell it, cause have a little one on the way and was never very found of it being my oh s*** over slept gotta get to the drilling rig 150mi away as fast as possible vehicle. But one day I'll get back on when the baby is all grown up
  12. hondaeater


    lol I hear ya Shawn I had a full tank all year trucks gone over 1200 miles gauge hasn't budged! but when it was all still together I was getting about 18-23mpg on the highway which was most of the driving and like 3mpg in town my Trailblazer SS 2wd gets like 12mpg burnouts might have something to do with that..
  13. Can honestly say I wouldn't mind giving that a shot after all you only live once, why not go out with a bang
  14. I know there's a few Oregon members on here, was wondering what y'all have for jobs down there? Thinking of moving sometime in Oct.
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