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  1. Bump. Still have headlights, lower front running lights, oem third brake light, Bose stereo, and oem air box. Any reasonable offer will be accepted
  2. Woohoo, thanks for the shout out and can't wait to see the results man
  3. Glws buddy, hope you enjoy the new setup
  4. The worst part of rx for me was the long lead wait time. It's now posted on their site mostly but originally you had to read fine print to find it. I believe you are Allowed to bolt it anywhere you can put the bracket but I want to say it is usually used in the same location generally. I can't remember but I want to say there's a good mounting point on the drivers side Like the ground bracket or something
  5. Depends on your budget and goals. There are others with more knowledge than myself. But basics, I'd say CAI, Headers and back exhaust and a Good real tune would make some difference for you. if you had more money then you could always do a head/cam combo which you'd of course want to pair with much of the things previously mentioned for max benefit. You could always run spray of course but that's not a preference of mine. Or forced induction!
  6. Hey everyone, truck is gone so I'm cleaning out all my extra goodies! Everything is open to reasonable offers! This is a brand new RX oil catch can with single check valve. Everything is still in the original box all hardware is included. I purchased for $154 shipped to my door and would like to sell it for $120 shipped These are projector headlights with Halos, Should fit any of the trucks with the "angry eyes" slanted headlights. Had them installed on my 03 at one time. they have 3 LED lights on each side. They can be wired to work at different times. For ex. the halos can be on with daytime running lights or you can have them on during headlight operation. Just splice the halo/ LED lights into whatever you want them to be operated with. Would like $65 shipped for the pair. The manufacturer recommended them not to be used with HID's so i just ran them with silverstar headlights with pretty good success. This headlight has some stress cracks that you can faintly see. I think it was caused by a rock but I'm unsure I also have the stock airbox assembly I'd ship for $40 and Bose radio with worn buttons and malfunctioning cd player needs fixed shipped for $50
  7. Lol thanks, I'm not worried about the radio or airbox so much. I know the catch can would be more sought after than either of them
  8. Also, I have the stock lower front light housings for the truck, running lights and turn signal housing
  9. I've also got a Brand new RX revextreme Catch can in Black I can sell as well paid $154 would like $120 I believe it's the single check valve system can have pictures later if someone is interested or check em out here. http://www.revxtreme.com/performance-parts/rx-catch-cans It's still in the bubble wrap
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