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  1. spotted red ss on Springfield Ave ,Springfield, NJ
  2. not sure whats going on,no code on reader and light and beep goes away when I turn back the wheel,
  3. make them a supporting member first,then they can sell
  4. on my way back to Jersery on Sat.around exit 45 saw Black ss on side of road heading oppsite way,hope everything was ok. also Just found out "oops" lost his tranny on rt 81 near same exit but was on Sunday not sat. good luck with it.
  5. Having lunch saw a red ss on river road in chatam,nj anyone from here? this is the first red one I saw in Jersery,By me their are 4 blue ones and 3 black used to work with one of the Black ones (Ooops)
  6. heading up to VT on friday,hope to see other ss on thurway or northway,should be in albany around 5:30 just in time for rush hour.
  7. Hey OOPS they found us HaHa. you should have stop in. ours are not for sale.lol
  8. your right 20 mins north from us is bad, the blue one from Farefield ave
  9. nice ss,I had the blue ss , wanted to stop and chat,had no time made it back to jersery just under 4hrs, too many cops on thurway in albany sneak bye them haha, gave you a warning on northway hope you saw it( pump my brake peddle ) he was hidding between north and south u turn. hope too see you on next trip to vt. around 23th.
  10. txs looking forward to the darkside
  11. only had ford trucks still have ford ranger 250,000 giving to my son. love the feel of the ss can handel the snow here in jersery.should have no problem towing my boat to vt.
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