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  1. Worth a shot, can we still get one of these adapters? I finally got an SS and trying to plan ahead before I tear it down. If so I’d love to pick one up, thanks!!
  2. to have it up and running completely: oil pump oil lines cold side piping (intercooler, intake) wastegate hook up exhaust to the downpipe misc nuts/bolts (you need a 3" v-band clamp for the downpipe) boost controller (forgot to list that for someone else) tune (that should be a given) Now I'm not listing any fuel pump upgrades, wideband gauge etc because that's up to whoever ends up running it and if you already have an upgraded pump and gauges etc(I was going to run an eboost2 boost controller/gauge, LC1 wideband AF gauge, EGT gauge and a fuel pressure gauge and a Denso Supra T
  3. Hey Guys, I decided that I'm gonna need to sell all the turbo stuff I've been collecting. Have some other things that need to be taken care of. Here's what I have: Trick Performance Low-Mount Hot Pipes: bolts to factory manifolds and mounts turbo under the truck, made of stainless and has wastegate flange and 3" v-band downpipe MPT70 .96 AR turbo, brand new in box HKS SSQV style blow off valve brand new Mishimoto 24x12x3 black intercooler, fits between frame rails on the front to be mounted behind bumper, brand new 44 lb/hr 8.1 Marine Injectors, direct bolt-in for truck int
  4. Looking great man! Reminds me alot of my 70' SS build. Your right, body work is killer but it's what makes or breaks a show car. I like where you going with it though, the overspray/chalk stuff, alot more effort goes into recreating that than a resto-mod IMO and I've done both. Can't wait to see it finished! I've always loved the fender vents and that "ss" style scoop on them.
  5. Sucks you had to dump the money into the Escort but it's nice to know you have a reliable DD again.
  6. Since this is the photography section, used my SLR to take a few pics (sized them down alot lol): I took the hood visor off too, not sure if I want to leave it off. I think it looks good but you can see some scratches on the top of the grille now where the visor used to sit.
  7. I'm betting that's a wrap and not paint on the Evo
  8. I don't think the plate tailgate's belong on anything lifted, now a roll pan and a shaved gate still look good on a lifted truck. Wouldn't take much to make it look good. These are way worse:
  9. wow!! I don't know what else to say to that. He obviously was ragging on it to do that much damage. I hate to say it but this is why I never lend my vehicles out to anyone but my wife anymore. That sucks dude, I hope you get it all fixed via insurance or whatnot
  10. Tint for sure. Honestly the rear visors are what look "weird" to me, but again I like my front ones. Here's a pic of mine with just front visors and tint (I've also got the hood visor, debating about taking that one off though, and thinking about going darker on front tint):
  11. Looking good man, bet your excited to be working on it huh?
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