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  1. Mine did the same thing and it ended up being a fuel Pump. If i let mine sit for 24 hours it would run fine. Sometimes for weeks, or months. The entire time my fuel pump would come on when turning on the key also(even when it would crank and not start) so thats not a for sure sign your pump isnt bad. If your on the original pump its prolly tired.
  2. Dont power wash these unless you want to risk changing out your Knock sensors. The 6.0 center valley that's flat where the knock sensors go are Low spots. Water gets there, pools up and Has No where to go. Bye bye Knock sensors. I'm talking from experience here so learn from my mistake. If you do research on this you will see tons of people having the same Issue when power washing these. Its the design of where the knock sensors go... Stupid design, but is what it is. Get a rag and some cleaner and detail it that way. It comes out better anyways. You can do the Whole engine spotless in about 30 Minutes.
  3. I think your expectations of a 345 HP'ish truck are over imagined. SSS's aren't blazingly fast in stock or stock'ish form. You wont read or hear anyone on this site claiming that. A better description I give when people ask me how fast it is. My reply is always it's ''Peppy''. Meaning Its not really a truck to brag about its acceleration on stock form, but it will put you in a your seat just enough to make you smile when accelerating hence making them fun to drive over most other stock v-8 trucks. All that being said, they may not win by much, but these trucks are still quicker than 90% of stock v-8 trucks on the road today Which is impressive considering how old they are now. They may not be a lot quicker, but quicker none the less. What color was the SS, I live in anchorage too.
  4. Ive towed 5000 with Mine ( wheatley tuned for 4 years ) Multiple times in Alaska. You shouldn't have any problems. He's Not a site Sponsor Anymore, so the only way to get ahold of him is Via Email which can still be hit and miss. Email - [email protected]
  5. Ok pics are working Now. Man shes a beauty. Congrats.
  6. Right on man. The new Denali's are Nice. Drove 1 last week actually. Pic isn't working for me either also.
  7. Congrats. Its a real blessing having kids, it really is. Hes a big boy! Poor Momma Lol... My wife had a hard time with our daughter being 20 inches and 7 lb's, can only imagine another couple inches and almost 3 pounds!
  8. Welcome to the site. Nice truck... Sure wish mine had a sunroof!
  9. Welcome aboard. Happy to see a SS getting a second chance at life. Its Really sad how many have been run into the ground, totaled, and ending up in junk yards as spare parts and scrap. Pics when you can.
  10. Looks awesome Man. Truck looks brand new. I can appreciate all the work it took doing that, those complete details are a lot of effort!
  11. I like it! Doing this swap soon myself. I do agree that you need the 06-07 style grille and it will looks Awesome
  12. Hell yeah man! Congrats
  13. I believe the AWD trucks are rated at 7500 lb's towing and the 2wd's are 7700 or something. So yeah no problem towing your trailer
  14. Welcome aboard... Sounds like a beastly Dmax you have. Gonna take a pretty heavily modded SS to even scratch that Dmax power, but it is possible hehe.
  15. Was just discussing this with a guy I work with other night. Yeah, If hes guilty if in even the slightest of the capture, He's a dead man.
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