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  1. 36100 gates pulley remove the stock plastic on that comes on the 38131 tensioner
  2. like title says 8 tall deka 60's with ev6 plugs 100 miles $200
  3. both of these would be mild, the trucker will hava a slight lope, where as the lingenfelter wll idle like stock with its 118 LSA
  4. gt2-3, trucker cam, those have been proven performers with the little 112. you will want to keep overlap down, that blower likes to run warm when being spun fast so you don't want your boost going out the exhaust.this is just my opinion you will here a lot of different opinions when it comes to cam selection but if you research it you will see trucks with these cams and that blower run very well.
  5. im getting ready to order the exact setup. is your catback stock? I cant decide if I want to get the y-pipe like the 5.3 trucks have or stay with the SS 6.0 duel inlet pipes.
  6. you can use your o2s from your stock setup. there is four total, but you really only need the front two. did you get the catted mid pipes or catless? are these 1 3/4 or 1 7/8 primarys?
  7. silver? chrome? any curb rash?
  8. willing to trade for other parts as well, heads, converter 2600 -2800 range, the reason im letting it go so reasonable is because a swapped to a tvs2300 and the reason I want exhaust is because I have dynatech headers and cats on my truck now but I have the y-pipe for a 4.8-5.3 on there instead of the duel inlet to the muffler. I just feel the factory system would be better then what I have now. My catback is Gibson extreme duel.
  9. nobody has a unmolested stock exhaust?
  10. yes im willing to trade it for a compleat exhaust kit maifolds cat pipes, stock muffler, tailpipe,and tip. all in good shape. Would like to have 04 or newer system. Of course I will be removing the 90mm j-tube and installing the stock 78mm tube on it.
  11. bump for the day, willing to trade straight up for compleat stock ss exhaust system
  12. You can drive a supercharger everyday but it sounds like you don't use truck much. you would fall in love with the lowend torque of a Maggie. I have ran my 112 on my v-maxx for 2 years took it off to upgrade to a tvs 2300 and I drove truck a while without blower but still has a small stall and a GT 2-3 CAM but truck is a big TURD cant wait to get 2300 on
  13. somewhere around 30,000 I got some pics up on pt.net.
  14. yea I guess I would let meth kit go sepretely, tell you what let me post some pics of everything let you see the kit then we will go from there.
  15. Looking to sell my 112 radix comes with 3.4 3.2 3.0 pulleys 42lb injectors and 60lb also. Also comes with labonte motorsports meth injection kit. 2 belts, New unused magnacharger fuel pump. This blower is setup for returnless fuel system. $3000 obo. PM me your cell # and I will take all the pics you want. I will try to get some pics up on here in a day or so.
  16. I guess what I was asking was does anyone that has there own tuning software ever turn off there LTFT and just let the STFT make the corrections. this of course after getting TRIMS close to zero as possible, but we all now you can never get them to stay zero. So that being said if you have a zero LTFT on day and the next it is a +2 and you go into pe now you will carry that +2 into pe . But if you have -2 LTFT we know they don't carry over. So for those of you that tune would you rather have slightly negative trims or turn off LTFT. Again this is not for people with mail order tunes who don't have access to there tunes.
  17. Those of you that do your own tuning, whats your take on turning off LTFT and just let the STFT do the work?
  18. Sweet truck man, whats your lowest price? where are you located
  19. Looks like you got a nice list of parts there Joe, I think you will be happy with the build once its done. I two have been talking to John and would agree that he is more then helpful. Let me now when your ready, more then willing to help
  20. this is a good thread you started here John. thanks for taking the time to write this up
  21. just pm me when your ready, i will be there, did all my work myself including tuning so its not a problem.
  22. Has anyone had luck getting these setup correctly in the tune? They are the plug & play for our trucks. Im sure they are a modified stock or marine 42lb.
  23. I dont see why they wouldnt work, But maby they would throw a cat low efficency codes which cold easily be turned off in the tune. My dynatech cats would throw codes until I turned the code off.
  24. sounds like stock, very smooth.Seems to be a nice blower cam. If you need any help let me know.
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