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  1. I don't even bother putting wheel locks on my wheels anymore; they're more of a pain in the ass than they are security. If someone wants to take the time and steal my wheels - all the power to them, i'm covered with my insurance and these aren't "rare" wheels so I'm not too concerned. I know bigger cities and in the states this may be a big problem but it rarely happens here.
  2. LOL @badbird - that is one bad diecast model...wow haha
  3. Powdercoating is gonna be way too much - I usually don't keep wheels very long as my suppliers come out with new designs usually every quarter. What i'm thinking is a candy blue vinyl overlay that goes on just the spokes to match the truck.
  4. The front wheels rubbed slightly on the bottom lip of the bumper when turning so we had to take the bumper off and drill the mounting holes out a little bit so I could slide the bumper forward. Can't really tell that it's been done but now there's no rub.
  5. Sorry for the dirtyness, didn't have time today...will wash it up tomorrow and post better ones. Specs: 26" Bentchi B14 chromes with 305/30/26 Lexani LX4000 tires. And to all of those that disagree with 26s, I don't mind the power, mileage or ride comfort loss - none of which are very noticeable. I do do some light offroading (just to get to a spot to unload the YZ). I had to take the bumper off, drill out the holes a bit and pull it forward about a inch and minor trimming to the liners.
  6. Hey guys, I have Silverado SS and want to upgrade to a nav. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/03-04-05-06-GM-Bose-DELPHI-Nav-Navigation-LUX-15230099-/250745764258?pt=Car_Audio_Video&hash=item3a619cb9a2#ht_500wt_1182 I found this one - I looked around and the LUX one works with Bose systems but on the forum here some people have said the lux one may need minor wiring done to the harness? My questions are: 1. What deck do I need exactly? 2. Will I retain my XM that I currently have with my deck or do I need another tuner/antenna? 3. Do I need any additional wiring harne
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