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  1. Jeez after a week of 7/16's im freaking pooped!! Love the money but jeez it takes a toll on the body. Tomorrow the same begins :(

  2. Go with c-max they got lifetime warranty and they're not bad at all
  3. Keep your gears. Lol with those gears your truck will go no where from a dig and will get jumped on from rolls. There's a reason people swap to 4:10's. Luckily the AWD ss have them stock.
  4. Damnit Frank, turbo 402 is out of commision haha. El Cuete it is... for now

    1. The_aSSet


      get back in an SS!

    2. jm3907


      I'm trying man. Nigga IP banned me lol to bad I bypassed it :P

    3. The_aSSet
  5. SS's look pretty badass from the factory, they don't need much to look sexy AF. Love the truck on the stock's and a blue ss just popped up on craigs hmmm....
  6. Gaaaawd! That is sexy! Front could come down an inch but that's just my taste. Looks sick AF!
  7. Duct=$50 shipped to lower 48 Center Cap is pending Light's well no one wants em lol im serious about offers on em though lol as long as it aint super low ill probably take it. I have no use for em.
  8. Jeeeez! They had a field day on your ***. You can get a top notch paint job for around 5 grand a really good one for around 3. Insurance pay?
  9. Got this stuff for sale guy's was planning on keeping it but eh why not sell it and help you help me out First i have a RH Brake Duct. It has normal wear but the tabs were ripped through during the accident also has a hairline crack. 50+ shipping OBO Also have 1 OEM Silver cap. Normal wear. 30+ shipping OBO If prices aren't fair, please tell me guys. Need this gone Have some Silver Stars if anyone is interested as well, just pm me offer
  10. What exactly is done to your truck?
  11. So jealous I need another black 06. Love that flat black bowtie So jealous I need another black 06. Love that flat black bowtie
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