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  1. any one interested on the procharger kit, injectors, fuel rails and fast intake??
  2. every one please text me!!! 347 4266998 every one please text me!!! 347 4266998 also my zip code is 11104 so you could find out the shipping every one please text me!!! 347 4266998 also my zip code is 11104 so you could find out the shipping every one please text me!!! 347 4266998 also my zip code is 11104 so you could find out the shipping every one please text me!!! 347 4266998 also my zip code is 11104 so you could find out the shipping
  3. i bought it from tonny norcal. i think it is a JDM. can't remember but i think; they are the only ones that make the bars for this truck
  4. guys i am selling everything off this project. all the parts are new and i am only selling things in excellent working order. please do not try to low ball me on this as this prject went really bad!! the shop that built my motor would not take resposabilities for their error and now thay will not give me my motor back cause i said; i was going to bring my lawyer into this but,,, i will vent this on another post. so let talk about what i am selling:::: Brand new Procharger D1SC with a 14lbs pulley. all the pipes, clamps and hardware included. all the brackets are powder coated red alone with the alluminiun pipes. i also have the plastic pipe that runs to the intake fabricated in alluminiun but i will include the plastic one as well. i am asking 4,500 + shipping and paypal fee. i pay a bit over 5200. remememer i added the powder coating and the alluminiun pipe that goes from the intercooler to the intake. circle D torque converter for 4l80 1 4L80 Pro Series Stage III 258mm 1C. bought it for 1000 would like to get 800 + shipping. meth kit by snow performance stage II with a 7 gallon tank. 300 + shipping and paypall fee fast Lsx-RT 102 truck intake 800 + shipping fast billet red fuel rails $200 with croos tube. i also have the custom alluminum brakets for the over size injectors aero motive fuel prssure regulator $150 with all lines and fittings + shipping. siemmens 80lbs injectors. $400 Ls3 90mm throttle body. $150 x-link $100 4l80 transmission $1500 + freight. this was built up to hold more torque and hp by CK performance.[/color] Sold front and rear modified drive shafts for the 4l80 convertion $250 + freight[/color] sold modified cross member for 4l80 convertion. $80 + shipping[/color] sold SS TB replicas 22" wheels black with toyos tires. these rims do not have a mile on it and tires and brand new. $1500 + freight[/color] sold rear ssway bar brand new $200+shipping[/color] big baer front rototrs. never used!!!! $350+freight[/color] 200amp black powder coated alternator $300+shipping[/color] custom gauge holder with aeromotive gauges. boost, air/fuel ratio/air pressure for air ride gauges. $400 shipped.[/color] if you was the images of the items you are interested on;;; please text me to 347 4266998, ask for the images of the items you are interested on an i shall foward to you.[/color] i also work for a trucking shipping company and we have trucks going every where in the states so i could work some thing out for the freight of the larger items for a very little cost. again, i am trying to recover some of the money i dumped on this project. please do not waste my time also if you are interested in buying some stuffs together; i could give a better price. everything is brand new!!!! i put this thing together and the motor went bad in 2 minutes so no miles or use on any of these parts!!!
  5. hold on tight everyone!! i am sending the block back to the builder to try to resove this. the more i just want to just walk away from this project;;;; i just can't!! to much effort, money and time invested on this.
  6. flat on both sides it is really hard to turn! took me about an hour an a half to rotated to get the converter off.
  7. alright so i have a brand new 408 motor i just put on my truck with a bunch of power add ons. i went to start the truck and it did like 3 times for about 30 seconds at a time. lateer i tried starting it again but the motor was turning super slow. we charged the battery and still not luck. i took all the belts and nothing! then, i took all the plugs out and still nothing. i saw a bit of smoke coming out of the stater so we thought that was it. when the starter was removed we notice the fly wheel was very hard to turn by hand even with the spark plugs out. we removed the torque converter and the transmission spins freely but not the flywheel. with all the belts off and the spark plugs out it is tstill hard to turn the fly wheel. any ideas?
  8. email me at [email protected] if interested on any of these parts please do not low ball make reasonable offers
  9. so everything is together and the thing ran like three times for no longer than 30 secs at a time. last night i tried to start the thing againg and it wa having a hard time. smoke came out of the starter so i decided to pull this out and check it out. after doing this; i found out i could not turn the fly wheel with the ply bar; it was lock. we took the torque converter out to see if it was the tranny locking up. after 1 hour of brutal force applied to the fly wheel to make it turn; we finally got the converter out i found out the tranny spins fine. the motor some how is locked up!!! how can a brand new motor with all brand new forge internal do this after runing more than 1 1/2 minutyes in total???? **** **** **** that's it i am done with this truck; nothing has gone easy on anything installed on this truck!! i bought good parts, i fallow the intructions to the tees and still wrong!!! that's it guys lots of parts for sale! no the short block as i do not know whats wrong and i don't have the time or patient any more all parts are brand new. no miles on anything!!! procharger DS1 with 14lbs pulley. all pipes and brackets are powded coated red siemens 80lbs injectors tranny 4l80 build transfer case meth injection stage II PRC 237 heads Fast lsx-rt intake 90MM ls3 TB fast fuel rails circle D torque converter x-link and more i got to make some of my money back and get rid of this truck
  10. are the registration still opened? can i just registered at the gate? hopefully my truck will be ready before then!!
  11. i also intalled my air tank and compresor for the air bags and the 7 gallon meth tank on the bed of the truck. i did all the wiring but did not finish it all as i have to drop the engine in first but, at least i got these checked off the to do list
  12. i also got my parts from powder coating valve covers, timing chain cover are black chrome oil pan and valley cover are red alternator is black all procharger pipes, procharger brackets are red i couldn't finish bolting everything on as i have to change the oil pan.
  13. so i got tdo some work over the weekend but i couldn't continue as i discovered my oil pan was crack on the corner. i might have over tighten one of the bolts. i couldn't hear the click of the torque wrench!! no a big deal; i got a spare one. i started wiring my gauges;. i have the boost, fuel/ratio and my air pressure gauge installed in there.
  14. any one knows about good motor mounts??
  15. i was looking for a place where to put my gauges and the LED for the meth injection and i did not want a the regular pillar gauge pod; my friend is really good working with the fiber glass and both of us came uup with this and then painted it . right at the center panel righ under the radio and they are looking at the driver.
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