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  1. Hey do you still have this, and do you have any idea if it will fit on a NNBS Max?
  2. Went to Baton Rouge this weekend from New Orleans. Avg mpg there 19.9. Avg coming home 19.3. All speed limit and cruise, no a/c, windows cracked but not down.

  3. Have you done any maintenance or mods lately? One time I change my oil and forgot to put the oil cap back on. It started to do exactly what you described. Never killed but idled low until I figured it out and got a new one.
  4. Amazingly, NONE WHATSOEVER. I had turn downs in my old truck and it droned like hell. I think the NNBS has better sound dampening material as well as the pipes going all the way out the back helping too.
  5. Just uploaded a vid of my exhaust. I hope you like explosions!

  6. Name: Vortec Max exhaust Category: Silverado SS's Date Added: 27 August 2011 - 10:48 AM Submitter: VortecZax Short Description: Straight pipes cat back startup and idle Short clip of my pipes at startup and idle View Video
  7. Year of truck: 2008 Make: GMC Model: Sierra Ext. Cab SLT 4x4 - Onyx Black Engine: L76 Transmission: 4L70E Gearing: 3.73 w/ 14 bolt rear (Royal Purple in front and rear diffs) Air intake: Airaid intake tube and filter, stock box. Cat back exhaust: No muffler, duals out the back PCM tuning: Predator, scrapping it for a custom tune ASAP Torque converter: stock Transmission mods: none- plan to stiffen up shifts with custom tune and alter shift points Other mechanical modifcations: Nothing yet, maybe some LT headers in the future Body mods: Debadged tailgate and 4x4 stickers, looking for some black SS replica rims
  8. I saw one of those the other day, jacked up NNBS bowtie, funky paint job that said Southern Comfort. Looked like a garbage @$$ air brushed spring break t shirt
  9. Very cool find. Should this be a sticky?
  10. Yeah the weird thing about this truck was the accessories looked too aftermarket to be OEM, yet not over the top enough to make it look like random accessories as in it did look to be some kind of appearance package. Plus, the SS letters were not in the SSS font, so the badges looked aftermarket, but the placement and leveling looked factory. Weird. Sorry I couldnt get better pics, like I said it was a pretty clean looking truck with the red calipers and all. Didn't 06 and 07 classic have rear drum or did crew cab get disc?
  11. On my way home today I noticed an '06 or '07 classic Silverado crew cab in my rear view. It looked like it had a stock grill but the honeycomb was chrome. As he came around me on the side I could see he had some nice chrome 20" wheels, 4 wheel disc with red calipers all the way around, chrome handles (just the pull part), and these little red badges on the tailgate and doors that said ssX. I wanna say on the other side of the tailgate it said street styles or something. So all these parts could be aftermarket and fake badges for all I know, just wondering if this is some OEM package that was available at some point or what. I live in New Orleans, if that helps. The truck looked surprisingly tasteful. I was gonna run him just for the hell of it but I was getting off at my exit. Sorry for the poor quality photo, iPhone zoom and driving.
  12. round trip from New Orleans to Destin averaged 17.5 mpg, mostly cruising between 60-70mph. Is this "good", considering?

    1. eeekroar


      Sounds about right. If you would of went 55 the whole time you might have been able to squeeze 18-19

  13. That's a shame man I know you hate to see it go. Gotta do what you gotta go sometimes and at least you've still got your 03. I REALLY wish I had a sunroof! Good luck with the sale!
  14. I'f you're scared, either get what's legal or go slightly darker so it isn't obvious. 20% all around looks good and isn't SUPER dark. Most states are between 30% and 50%. What I would do is say screw it and black it out. I hope you have power windows. I put what looks good to me and dont worry about the cops. They have plenty to keep them busy. If you get pulled over, be polite and dont lie, you'd be surprised how far a little honesty and respect will get you. Then curse them as you drive away, ticket free
  15. Ate a Titan for dinner. Talk about fast food. It's all in the street forum...

    1. jddmj


      Nothing like a little Japanese Fast food for dinner, huh lol

  16. Shoulda hit him with the SS. Let him try out Obamacare...
  17. So I'm on my way home from work in my '08 VMax SLT and this Titan is behind me at a light. On green, we get going and he nails it, comes around me, CUTS ME OFF (mind you, no one is in the other lane in his way) and he pulls ahead. I lose him around a turn, but realized we were going the same way. So after I turn, I'm ready to go with this dude and I catch up to him. I see him pulling up to a 4 way stop sign. He stops, a Silverado crosses in front of him, but then he doesn't go when it's his turn again. He's OBVIOUSLY waiting for me. So after this stop sign, the two lanes merge into one. I pull up next to him as he getting ready to pull off, and we both nail it. As the lanes begin to merge, I take the lead. I'm not sure if I beat him or if he backed off, (Remember I'm in a NNBS Vmax without a custom tune, you do the math haha) but either way he tried to race me and I came out ahead. Now I was impressed at the Titan's quickness. All i know is the 5.6 motor, I have no idea what HP they make, what transmission they've got, or his rear end gears. All I know is we both had 4x4 extended cab trucks. So after we get to the highway again, he blows around me and he gets mad and cuts me off again, and I am just loving life. I dont even care. In fact, I wanted to meet him at the next light and compliment him on the quickness of his POS import. So he starts rolling his window down first so I click my button and as my window is going down, hes hanging out his window yelling curses at me left and right, MFer this punk @$ B... etc, etc, over and over, quite loudly, and in the middle of traffic. He was so mad because HE HAD HIS SIX YEAR OLD SON IN THE BACK SEAT, and IM the terrible POS person for racing??? IM the inconsiderate A hole because I MADE him race lol. I'm like whoa calm down Mr. Parent of the year, you're driving like an @$ hole before we even raced, with your kid in the backseat, THEN YOU WAITED FOR ME, you made the premeditated decision to race me when you waited at the stop sign looking in your rear view, where you could probably see your kid, but instead of being the responsible parent you should be, you actually raced me! We exchange a few curses, and then he says "well your truck is SLOW and you're POOR, you punk @$ B..." A) I never MADE you race me with your kid, you could have let me go at the stop sign but you had to try and be a big man and raced me anyway. And stop driving like a [email protected] with your kid in the car in the first place! And if you care so much, why are you screaming obscenities at me in the middle of traffic with your kid in the backseat? B) If my truck is so slow, why did I hang with you, pull you, and then beat you? C) All you know about me is I drive a black NNBS GMC SLT with a mysterious Vortec Max badge on the door. You don't know my work, education, and family background. FYI the window sticker on my truck said $38,000. Last time I checked, poor people drove cheap imports.... Like TITANS. Anyway this guy was a real jackass. Parent of the year for sure. Thanks for letting me vent. Sloppy as it was, a kill is a kill, and when the driver is such a jerk, it makes it all the more sweet. But I definitely need a custom tune ASAP.
  18. Hey just wanted to say I have that issue of Truckin'! your story is so cool and your truck is badass man! Congrats! I was browsing the forums here a few minutes ago and saw the truck in your sig on a post and I was like this truck looks so familiar and then it hit me. Nice work!

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