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  1. Hit the spindle on the side with a big hammer. Can add a little heat too. Or try the pickle fork in an air hammer
  2. I love adams stuff. I recommend you check it out. Check out their forums too, lots of good info on there.
  3. man i knew i should have waited when i made my order this last weekend.
  4. My range of motion isnt as good as my other shoulder. but its not too bad. As long as you do the pt for as long as necessary and keep up with shoulder workouts afterwards it shouldnt be a big issue.
  5. if everything else is in good shape i wouldnt be.
  6. Mileage aint bad. I wouldnt think youd have too many more problems. just maintenance. I think its a good deal
  7. Well good luck. Hopefully mri shows its not too bad and maybe you can go to pt and try and strengthen everything around it. But what you are describing sounds a lot like mine pre surgery. Got any other questions let me know
  8. I had the exact same thing done. Arthogram mri and torn labrum surgery on left shoulder. I hope yours is on your left as well and that you are right handed. Any questions you have fire away. I think the quality of the surgeon and success of surgery will make recovery and pain vary but I dont have a lot of good things to tell you. My surgeon wasnt greatest so it was not good for me at all. You will lose that arm for awhile and go through a lot of pt. i think i went 3 times a week for a month then 1-2 times a week for another month. PT is very very important to get muscle and range back yeah that mri isnt pleasant either. the feeling of needle in between socket isnt cool. That is the easy part though so dont worry too much about that. Hope for the best and maybe the mri will show something different and you dont need labrum surgery.
  9. Mine leaked on that center seam as well. I used Gear oil RTV and made a bead along the seam. That rtv is designed for diffs and resisting gear oil. Has been about 9 months and no leaks
  10. I recently did something similar to this on my 93 last year. Like previously said if you plan on doing it yourself you will need a lot of tools/supplies but honestly that stuff barely cost more then having a shop do it. I got a lot of satisfaction out of doing it myself. Here is some stuff I really recommend you check out to give you and idea of what youll need to go through. My only thought on your project is that since its already painted and not raw like mine i dont know how much prep you have to go through. Not sure you need to strip it all the way down. Regardless I would not go very rough of a grit on plastic. This guys videos are awesome. Learned so much form these: How to prep plastic(2 part series): How to use cheaper gun: How to color sand(5 part series): This guy did a great job of showing how to do a plastic bumper start to finish. http://www.a4mods.com/index.php?page=webcontent/pages/paint.html And finally autobody101.com is a great reference site. Here is a discussion about sanding/painting and buffing. Its long but worth the read http://www.autobody101.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=16404 My build thread for when i painted: http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/82270-93-obs-facelift/
  11. I did same thing and put liner on top of rails. Like you didnt have choice. When i got mine the area around stake holes had rust and paint was flaking.
  12. i prefer herculiner (Its all in the prep). Like others have said yours asking for rust with those plastic drop in ones.
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