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  1. do you have a part number by chance? i cant find em
  2. old post but what brackets are those?
  3. https://www.qa1.net/suspension/street-performance-racing-shocks-struts-and-pro-coil-systems/stocker-star-non-coil-over-shocks/905-aluminum-stocker-star-shock
  4. https://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/gm-drivetrain-suspension-22/99-07-4wd-front-coilover-conversion-518118/
  5. i had tons of problems do it right and buy the aeromotive by pass style regulator
  6. ive looked at his kits before.. and I didn't like that you had to cut the upper shock mount .. looks like you used a shock that uses the stock location.. right? if so, which shock?
  7. i got a brand new one in blue without the bowtie.. make me an offer.
  8. i like em.. no complaints.. on another note.. found i have to use the wilwood SS lines.
  9. looks like i wont be able to use my russell lines
  10. i just got a set of wilwood front brakes. in reading the installation instructions, it says the following: "NOTE: OEM rubber brake hoses generally cannot be adapted to Wilwood calipers. The caliper inlet fitting is a 1/8-27 NPT.The preferred method is to use steel adapter fittings at the caliper, either straight, 45 or 90 degree and enough steel braided line to allow for full suspension travel and turning radius, lock to lock" now.. I got stock calipers on mine now, with Russell stainless lines.. but they are the OEM banjo style connections. so, those who have put wilwoods on.. what did you do with the brake line installations on wildwood calipers?
  11. any chance you'll make the cover for the master cylinder?
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