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  1. Def a ghetto glider. Wheels make it look horrible. Each to there own I guess
  2. Truck hauls ass Randy. Not much out there that can hang with a 3.5 sec 0 to 60 lol..
  3. That's a good looking fridg.. I see you got the kids covered as well haha, good thinking.
  4. If your stock then yes you hurt a little of the lowend TQ. 3" duals are to big. 2.5" dual exhaust will support up to like 600hp no prob. 3" at wot will be ok. I've seen this for years on this site. Bigger is not always better in exhaust.
  5. Good luck but your price is super high you may wanna come down a bit.
  6. Great numbers tony the Esky ain't no joke.. Badass
  7. My 03 has been in south Florida it's whole life and my under neath is 10 x's cleaner than that. Mine has almost 0 rust at all.. Never garage kept and daily driven. I would look for another one. You can find them cheaper also..
  8. Got the 3.42 also.. I get some great fuel mileage as well. I can get between 21 and 24 on the highway and get 500 miles out of a tank. Not to mention it's a feeling rocket for nothing really being done to it.
  9. I have the same set up but I got the Denali. Love it and it's a freaking beast. I got that baby to 140 mph and let off idk how much faster it would have gone and that's with big ass wheels and tires.. Welcome back
  10. These are hands down better than the Goodyear gt2 I was running. Day and nite difference
  11. Just put on the toyo proxie st 2 they are freaking great. Can't believe there so much better than the good years. It drives better than it has have driven. Excellent tire..
  12. Keep it like I said before 15k is a gift. The right person will come along. I believe to the right person it's worth way more like I said my truck is worth 18k to me anything less than that I'm gonna feel like I have it away..
  13. I've seen them somewhere before but I'm not a fan of chokinging it down with a y pipe.
  14. That's a really good price. Hopefully someone will grab it up. I couldn't let mine go that cheap tho.
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