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    Racing and Riding my Quad, fixing and modifying my vehicles, playing video games, riding my one and only bmx bike once in a while, watching movies and tv, getting outside to do something, going for walks, working out, drawing pictures, learning new things, and just hanging out with friends
  1. Hey everyone, I haven't been on here much lately, but I'm getting back into the swing of things again. Anyway I got this car in a trade and I hope it is okay to post it up for sale on here. I'm just trying to sell it. If not, then I apologize for any inconvenience. It's not a Silverado SS, but it is a popular muscle car. Got this 2002 Ford Mustang GT muscle car that I want to sell. I got this car in a trade and I do not know much about what the car has in it. The whole car was restored and rebuilt. I don't have any place to keep it for the winter so would really like to sell it. Everythin
  2. Well going to have to figure out what's wrong with it.
  3. My Silverado SS was shipped by Reliable Carriers from Massachusetts to western Wisconsin and it cost me $1,804.00 to have them do it. That wasn't a bad price and that was for one of their enclosed car hauler tractor trailer semi trucks to go get it and transport it over to my location.
  4. So I'm out with a friend heading home. Was about 30 miles from home and I'm driving through a town and all the traffic lights. Had to stop at a few from those damn red lights. Anyway I noticed a Dodge Ram Hemi pickup truck behind me while driving through town. Guy accelerates fast and gets right up on my ass. Then as we approached the last traffic light which was red by the way, guy cuts over into the left lane, gets right up along side me and revs his engine a little. I just looked over at my friend and laughed. Then told him to tighten up his seat belt. This guy had no passengers with him an
  5. Hahaha...that's funny. Nice kill
  6. My Intimidator SS has Dynatech headers with a Corsa cat back exhaust and I got to say the sound is pretty sweet. Has a nice grunt when you rev it up quick.
  7. Well you ought to make a trip down this way sometime. Some of us members on here will be planning a get together for some of us who live over around here. You'll have to come down when we do
  8. That's one badass Intimidator SS I've seen. Man I can't wait to get mine paid off so I can plan out my build project on my Intimidator SS Silverado
  9. One thing I wonder is why would someone go spend all that money on building a SS and then turn around to sell it?
  10. Reliable Carriers I called them when I purchased my SS and they transported it from Massachusetts to Wisconsin for me in one of the enclosed car hauler trailers.
  11. What is this hydro boost? This sounds like something I may want.
  12. I'm just south of you on the Wisconsin side though. I'm about two hours from Duluth Minnesota
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