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  1. smithl3

    Hockey stripe finally on

    Thanks guys, he did a nice job. I didn't realize I cant take it through a high pressure touchless car wash now... Thats what the paint guy said at least. Only hand wash and brushes. Either way, I still like it. Here are some more shots.
  2. I finally got the truck painted with the hockey stripe I have been looking at for a while. I have to give credit to Autoguy who had the excellent design choice, haha. I had a local paint and body guy do this for me, it is a little bit of a matte finish but I like it. He recommended the "Supercharged" emblem, which I didn't originally plan for, but it came out great. Enjoy!
  3. Have 5 weddings in September and one on the 15th. Shuan you bringing the little one to ride shotgun?
  4. Thanks for that...... I had two weddings last week, and on the way to one of them on Friday, my truck was acting quite slow, I would let off the gas peddle and the truck would not coast at all. It would drop in 5MPH increments really quickly. I got off I-90 and the rear brakes were steaming like crazy in the rain, they were stuck on! I left it at the Hotel over night, and in the morning they must have relaxed enough to move again. I made it back to my hometown dealer and it is sitting in their garage right now. Not my week for sure.... The whole rear brake assemblies are rusted out.
  5. Rough week for me guys, but something may change. The wife is very pregnant with baby #1 and it is also her Birthday Weekend as it has been every year! Have one for me if I can't make it. Shuan as always thanks for all your work towards a good show. I can tell you that I do now have a baby seat securely fastener to the center rear seat and my truck still looks fast!
  6. Was a good time, thanks again for the food. You are killing me with having this on my wifes birthday weekend. Was good to see you guys and gals again for another year though.
  7. allscrewedup was top dog last year. Not sure who is gonna bring the noise this year.........
  8. Planning on coming...... See you guys Saturday....
  9. Yikes..... Sept 26th is anniversary, and the 3rd of October is the Wife's B-Day, you guys are killing me! We'll have to see if I can sweet talk her, I would definately like to be there. Once you know a final date I will start planting bugs in her ear......
  10. smithl3

    6.0 Lq9 Engine On Ebay

    All, Trying to sell it on eBay now if anyone is interested. Link Thanks
  11. smithl3

    Quote The Picture

    "I sure hope this is high tide!"
  12. No worries, I don't know enough to call anyone out on a cam selection, I am simply looking for one down the road, but yours sounds real damn good so it got my ear... If you change your mind, PM me with any info you can. Thanks
  13. smithl3

    Submit Your Photos/videos!

    Just sent you a video of my drag racing into the sun....
  14. What kind of Cam are you running?
  15. smithl3

    Pics Of Lebanon Valley - Day At The Drags

    I know buddy, figures.... Good eye's. Thanks, I do enjoy the exhaust a lot. Considering I had side exhaust in front of the rear wheels for like three years, this new B&B doesn't shake the cab and the passengers.... If you have a trailer hitch you will need to modify the rear hanger brackets because it wasn't designed for the trailer hitch. Not a bid deal though, pretty straight forward.