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  1. I managed to pull the pics off of an archived version of the page. Up to an admin or OP to edit these into the post. Sorry they did not upload in order of how they were originally posted but I'm sure you can figure it out. Front pics: http://imgur.com/a/niN9F Rear pics: http://imgur.com/a/INZ6U
  2. can someone rehost the images and re upload them into the original post? I suggest using imgur as photobucket is a horrible system and are now requiring stupid amounts of money from users to hotlink
  3. Any idea how he did the headliner? or what method he used to black out the grab handles? He's definitely not active here anymore otherwise i'd ask him myself.
  4. Yeah I have a 2wd ish question. Putting plans in motion for a 2wd swap. Only really wanna know if the flex plate spacer is needed for just AWD due to the transfer case or if its needed for 2wd as well just to get it to mount up to the engine
  5. Rough..I apologize if it's been asked already but I don't have the time to scroll through 20 pages. These brackets/brake set up will still work with drop spindles correct? I have Belltech ones.
  6. What lense are you talking about? both the parklights and headlights are fully painted black reflectors included (projector is bixenon so it functions as the low and high so I disconnected my high beam bulb. Amber reflectors tinted. Clear lense. it's easier to email jeremey rather than order thru his site
  7. Well that really sucks haha. Alright I'll shoot you an email after payday lol. Thanks Rudy
  8. Maybe later if I remember, it's a proper cut off line with the prism effect and everything you would expect from a retrofit. They are adjusted just like stock except it only moves the actual projector up and down. Kind of neat.
  9. I ordered retrofitted ones with morimoto H1 (i believe) projectors in it, plus other custom goodies. This is the only proper way to get projectors in your truck and have actual good light output. ordered from http://shop.retroshop.us/
  10. Looking for a set of these brackets, but I am also wondering if CTS-V brake calipers would work with these? I am under the impression they're basically the same brake setup? CTS-V calipers are a lot easier to find
  11. deleted everything under there. less weight ftw! Plus that shit always siezes up anyway lol
  12. People like you are what ruin the truck scene. If you were to do some research, a properly bagged truck will out-tow a "sick lifted big tires" truck ANY day. Don't like it? press the back page button and leave your opinion to yourself. Too many people like you openly hating stuff for no reason.
  13. I'm 5/6 on AWD and nothing MAJORLY wrong. I'm going to be buying CV axle spacers and that should be fixing the issue. Lifted trucks have the same issue/resolution so why not lowered.
  14. flip kit in the rear and spindles/keys up front. (all belltech) However over the winter I've changed it up to go 5/7 now. DJM LCA, Belltech Spindles, stock keys for the front. Rear is Flip kit and DJM shackles. Haven't got it on the road yet though. Probaly in a week or so.
  15. This looks more of a big static drop with helper bags rather than a "bagged" truck IMO My avi is a bagged truck.
  16. rust repair isn't cheap but worth it. If you're going to just cover it up you might as well sell it because putting flares ontop of rust is only going to rapidly accelerate the spread of rust.
  17. pretty sure they need to be extended if anything. To ensure the gears sit farther back into the housings. That's why they break, because they're being over extended.
  18. something might be installed incorrectly or you've just had shit axles. I was 4/6 and I've only BROKEN one, slightly ruined another (boot broke open and puked grease everywhere). I have one stock CV still on the drivers side, on my 3rd passenger side one now. One broke 2 summers ago launching off the line (I think a pothole in the area caused it tbh) replaced one this past winter as the boot was broken.
  19. at the most it's a new unpainted fender then u pay shipping. may as well just try and fix it
  20. how did your body guy not notice that dent before going to paint it and shit? now that it's been fitted/painted and such I don't know how much claim you'll have with LMC truck. Likely have to just fix it. Still give LMC a call just in case. There's always the possibility that you body guy dented it and just wants to pin it on LMC truck. That's how LMC is gonna look at it I'm sure.
  21. yea it's a gap... because it's dented lol. sorry man,
  22. That's a result of Mr P's absence, he either lost or deleted all his pictures. Not the site itself going stale, at least not directly.
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