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  1. Truck is sold, new owner very happy.
  2. Now listed on Autotrader. Same specs, still stored. price dropped to $22,000. https://tinyurl.com/y8mgk3nr
  3. still available in Columbus, Ohio
  4. No but I'm only posting here for now which I know is low traffic.
  5. GM Performance CAI Corsa Sport catback exhaust Bedrug BFG G-Force KDW NT tires (4k miles/wear) Bought this Florida truck from a local dealer in early 2004. Maintenance by the book (including coolant flush every 5 years). Front/rear axles, transfer case and engine fluids switched to synthetic at 3400 miles. Paint cared for properly. Stored in the winter, original windshield wipers because I’ve never driven it in the rain. A very clean low milage Silverado SS. $24,000. PM me with any questions or information requests. *edit - added more pics and edit - $22,000 mileage 12,888 and edit **SOLD**
  6. Mobil1 5W30 in motor, change once a year (low mileage garage queen) Amsoil Severe Gear 75-110 in front and rear diffs with an extra quart cover on the rear
  7. I've had 3 sets of Huskys in 3 different vehicles. Super easy to keep clean.
  8. First off congratulations and welcome to Ohio, I work in the area. I'm not familiar with your tires but weight across the rear axle will help with traction in the snow. You will want to keep your fuel tank full for the bitter cold times as well as your washer fluid to keep your windshield free of :shudder: salt. Keep a close eye on tire pressures as they drop with the temperature but they don't come back. Not to alarm you but to prepare, the roads around the Columbus area somewhat resemble a pool table when it gets icy. I would look for a front wheel drive daily driver as soon as financially feasible. Also, I have never personally seen a silver birch SSS in this area.
  9. I have a CD with this video that I picked up from a dealership back in the day. It's real crisp but in QuickTime
  10. I dearly love my 03 but that was GM's first try. I think they got it righter with the 06 Intimidator.
  11. From your first post wanting aggressive sound at idle and cruising you don't want Corsa. I have a Sport cat back and it sounds like a nascar truck when you are into the throttle but almost stock otherwise. Perfect for me but not what you're looking for. I'm sure somebody here can line you up with the perfect combination.
  12. I don't see where that excuses marking it an SS, or any other SS "clown". It would be the same as me putting on Corvette or Cadillac badges. It doesn't piss me off as bad as make them look stupid in the car community.
  13. I change my synthetic once a year. This year the olm was at 93%
  14. It was another teaser prototype from GM. Basically a race inspired single cab Silverado SS. http://www.trucktrend.com/truck-reviews/163-0508-2005-chevrolet-silverado-speedway-edition/
  15. That looks great! Reminds me of the 05 Silverado Speedway Edition.
  16. good job on the clone! I always wished they made the original in white.
  17. Zebra


    Its the only one I wanted as well. The lid is almost too shiny, I've thought about bead blasting it to a brushed finish.
  18. I've read that corrosion can occur on metal shafts extended from suspension parts that are exposed. When the suspension finally moves it breaks the seal causing a leak. This is probably over reaction and in a corrosive local such as coastal but I don't know. http://web.chapman.edu/asbe/faculty/bdehning/Personal/store%20your%20car.htm This is the first I've heard of problems involving airing up to max tire pressure for storage. I can't find anything substantiating this online, please provide some links.
  19. I fill tank and add appropriate amount of stabilizer. Wash to get off all bugs and road kill debris, I don't detail because I store indoor with no cover. Air up tires to max psi, park on rubber mats (floor is concrete). Hook up to battery minder. There is no need to hang tires unless bias ply, I have had no flat spots in 10 years of doing this. In the spring I warm up, change oil, filter and detail. Don't forget to air down tires.
  20. It's 5 sets of SS logos in the cab including the dash, clone folks gonna love that.
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