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  1. Thanks for the info RamAir, as you can see from the different postings, there are a few different opinions as far as the towing ability of an '04 VHO. I'm towing a 4,000lb. dry weight travel trailer. I have had no issues with the truck being able to tow this thing, but have not been able to find out the real towing specs. From what you are telling me, my guess is that you are probably right on. Thanks again, Brad
  2. thanks for the info, I thought it was more than 7,500lbs. I have 3.73 rear end, towing package, Magnaflow, and cold air intake. Go VHO!!!! Brad Tucson
  3. Hello from Tucson, Does anyone know the towing capacity of the 6.0 VHO? I've seen 7,500 lbs., but I think it might be more. The VHO's are kind of unique, so i'm not sure that what i've seen is correct. I am an original owner of an Arrival Blue '04. Have fun, Brad
  4. U need to post up some pics of your VHO. I looked at a blue GMC VHO back "in the day". I miss that color, it's the best!!!

  5. Does anyone know what the towing capacity is for an '04 VHO? What I see on the internet shows 7,500lbs, but I think that is too low. I would like to see the true specs, and I've had this truck since it was new, but the VHO's are kind of unique. Thank you, Brad
  6. Welcome to the site wildcat brad!



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