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  1. If it's not the one he needs I can also use one lol
  2. Yea I saw the ones there Just wondering if anyone had a few sitting around in a garage or something
  3. Anyone have any spare chrome wheel center caps for sale?? How much? And why so much?
  4. Can you PM me some pics and prices I just broke mine yesterday lol
  5. How much you asking for the throttle body? Do you know if it will fit a tbss manifold? Also nice car you got pics?
  6. I'm interested in the electric fans They are the jegs fans can you PM me a pic of what they look like?
  7. Hit me up when they are ready I'll take 2
  8. What are the best upgrades/parts do to on both front and rear differentials. I don't want them to break down when i start adding some HP
  9. This is all I need to install my tbss intake lol I'm just lagging it
  10. I live in Vegas I got the one with the bypass for cold weather
  11. Welcome to the site I'm also from Vegas how is the built coming?
  12. I'm from Vegas and zippy is still here saw him a few months ago
  13. posted this on the Facebook page so i thought I'd post it here. My SS bowtie from Johnny came in this weekend and it looks awsome can't wait to get home from vacation to install it.
  14. Looking for an LS2 throttle body. Not In a hurry to buy one just looking to see if anyone has one sitting around that would sell it for a decent price.
  15. Would you sell the 87mm throttle body?
  16. Ok guys so I got a tbss intakeanifold with fuel rails and injectors. I'm still not sure if I'm going with 87mm throttle body or 90mm My question is What parts would I need to install it on my 2003 silverado SS Would I need different parts if I decide to go with 90mm? Would it be more expensive than if I went with an 87mm??
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