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  1. Dam it I just saw this lol
  2. mando28

    WTB: X-Link v2.1 (Houston)

    If it's not the one he needs I can also use one lol
  3. mando28

    WTB chrome wheel center cap

    Yea I saw the ones there Just wondering if anyone had a few sitting around in a garage or something
  4. Anyone have any spare chrome wheel center caps for sale?? How much? And why so much?
  5. mando28

    x-linl ls3 throttle body

    Still for sale?
  6. mando28

    Center Consoles For Sale

    Can you PM me some pics and prices I just broke mine yesterday lol
  7. mando28

    408 Build and other parts

    Still for sale?
  8. mando28

    For sale

    How much you asking for the throttle body? Do you know if it will fit a tbss manifold? Also nice car you got pics?
  9. mando28

    408 Build and other parts

    I'm interested in the electric fans They are the jegs fans can you PM me a pic of what they look like?
  10. mando28

    Bow tie

    Hit me up when they are ready I'll take 2
  11. What are the best upgrades/parts do to on both front and rear differentials. I don't want them to break down when i start adding some HP
  12. mando28

    Las Vegas NV original owner

    Where did u end up going?
  13. mando28

    supercharger, 90mm throttle body, xlink

    How much for the 90mm?