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  1. If it's not the one he needs I can also use one lol
  2. Yea I saw the ones there Just wondering if anyone had a few sitting around in a garage or something
  3. Anyone have any spare chrome wheel center caps for sale?? How much? And why so much?
  4. Can you PM me some pics and prices I just broke mine yesterday lol
  5. mando28

    For sale

    How much you asking for the throttle body? Do you know if it will fit a tbss manifold? Also nice car you got pics?
  6. I'm interested in the electric fans They are the jegs fans can you PM me a pic of what they look like?
  7. Hit me up when they are ready I'll take 2
  8. What are the best upgrades/parts do to on both front and rear differentials. I don't want them to break down when i start adding some HP
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