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  1. Have 2 original steel SS rims with center cap. original owner - as you can see in the picture someone stole two of them off my truck in front of my house. one very minor scratch. been sitting in my garage taking up space so id like to get rid of them for the right deal. located in Canada!
  2. i have 2 original steel SS rims, with middle cap - would have to take both - let me know . located in Canada
  3. looks like these wheels are alot cheaper in the states then they are in canada
  4. i didnt buy them at that price they came stock on my truck i did get $5500 payout from insurance for those 2 rims + centercaps + lug nuts being stolen . so its no joke thats with them taking off a certain % for themselves. all chevy dealerships in my city quoted me out a the same price. ill try selling them around my city and if not i will put them back on this site .
  5. im asking this because when i tried getting rims to replace my stolen rims they were $2495 per rim center caps weree $300 each how does that work?
  6. How much have people been selling stock chrome ss rims no rubber on this site for ? when i was looking to purchase 2 new rims (had 2 stolen off my truck) had to go through the dealership and it was $2500 per rim
  7. I’m looking to get $1800 OBO They are the stock rims – when I was looking to buy 2 new ones to replace my stolen ones they were $2500 per rim
  8. **the rims are similar in style to those in the picture but not exact** I have two Chrome 20" SS Stock Rims for sale I had my other two stolen off my truck They are SS stock rims off a 2005 Silverado SS truck Mint condition , no scratched or scuffs The rims come with 2 chrome plated center caps with the Chevy logo on them. 12 lug nuts will also be included these will fit any Chevrolet truck Please contact if you are interested
  9. Welcome to the site bruds!



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