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  1. Yes sir!! Yeah changed it With some black 22s huh??
  2. You guys have a part # of the ones I should be ordering?
  3. Sorry man they through everything away I don't remember.
  4. Hows it going? its been awhile. I sold my SSS to my brother bought his 454 SS swapped it with a built lq4. Then fell on hard times, sold it and again later bought my SSS back. My brother picked up an ISSS ..My SSS is full bolt on, cammed and wideband tune.
  5. Hows it going guys, I had my Taylor 409 10.4 wires installed but they seemed a little short and kept coming off the coil?? Did i not order the correct ones? Thanks
  6. Hey guys havent been on here in a very long time. Well I sold the SSS to my brother, I ended up having that full bolt and cammed before I got rid of it. I got his 91 454 SS, I didnt like the big block and well sold it and bought a used lq4. Its almost ready, I ended up do everything from the ground up. It will be a 370ci, milled 317 heads, full bolt, cammed 226/230 112 lsa, e fans, bigger pistons, custom harness, 4l80, stall, here are some photos of the motor. I had some help from Shane from J&S Performance and Tuning with parts.
  7. Yeah, the motor is already sold.. out of the truck.. there picking it up Saturday morning.. I am picking up the LQ4 Saturday.. Ill get some photos guys...
  8. Hell yeah bro as long as I can get from point a to point b im good.. I cant wair that 6.0 to be ready.. Im going to have it torn apart then cammed and put in the 454..
  9. Mobbing this bad boy till my 6.0 swap is done in my 454... My dads 78 Ford, I think its a big block 402 or something like that..
  10. Anyone have these two pieces that can sell them? part #15124949 Heres a photo
  11. If i do keep it black one want to just keep the 454 SS on the bed not on the doors and remove the Chevrolet from the back, but put the newer 454SS logo
  12. okay fine at least paint it white.. white is a original color lol
  13. painting it white would be okay, White is one of the original colors.. I hate black lol
  14. Dam it you guys are making me feel bad.. You know what you re right bro.. maybe save this one just fix the small details here and there.. Would be fun to build a truck...
  15. So Im getting rid of the SSS at the end of this month.. Buying my litle bros 1991 454 SS and he is going to take over my SS.. Just feel like its time for a change and well ll save a ton of money.. I havent been on here for a while, but as far as the SSS goes its full bolt on, cammed and wide band tune.. Plans for the 454 SS, painting it white, sunroof, different hood.. still debating on fixing up the 454 or swapping a 6.0
  16. Looking for a 3200 stall. Thanks
  17. Yeah im getting my wide band today and stall later this month 3600... then getting a new paint scheme.. black hood, everything else silver birtch.. black SS wheels with black emblems, I also got my wing.
  18. are there any that come with the whole for the tweeter.
  19. alright thanks man appriecate that.. Havent been on here in awhile.. but the SS has cam and longtube headers now..
  20. Will this fit my SS because the original has the tweeter for the bose? http://www.glowshiftdirect.com/00-06-Chevy-Silverado-Duramax-Dual-Pillar-Pod.aspx
  21. Looking for some injectors for a TBSS.. 60lb or bigger for a front mount turbo set up. Thanks
  22. Honestly GM is lucky that a bunch of people continue to back them up, I always feel like where always behind everyone else recently.. We need some new designers or engineers up there with GM.. It feels like everything is just behind.. like marketing, types of vehicles, features etc.. An ls3 or ls2 in a single would be nice lol
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