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  1. Does anyone know if you could get a different wire harness or bulb so you could reverse the brightness of your parking and turnsignals ? It sounds confusing but its just like the corvette. The corvettes turnsignals are always bright but blink dim same with a couple buicks. I want to have my parking lights be bright like DRL's but my turn signals dimmer.
  2. zk2004

    Amber DRL install

    I'm wondering the same thing. I want the corvette look!! Let me know when you get some feed back
  3. That's not what it says on Volant's homepage. I would trust Volant and Tbyrne before the guy on eBay. Here are the links: 15853 15953 I think I am going to call Volant and find out for myself. The 15943 is the correct part #. The escalade has the same set up
  4. Where can I buy performance parts for my ss? Why is the Volant intake better I don't understand? Won't just putting a K&N air filter in my stock box be the same?
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