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  1. Bump! Price drop..$100 shipped
  2. Location? What’s “low miles”? I
  3. Only pic I can upload of the damage....usual scratches, scrapes
  4. It won't let me upload pics for some reason....
  5. I have a nice black passenger door rear cladding...text 504-858-239four for quicker response $125 shipped OBO, add 3% for paypal fees...
  6. I have 3 pieces of black bed cladding with brackets, just missing the passenger side rear corner...
  7. I have black bed cladding for sale, BOTH driver and passenger sides BEFORE the tires and the driver side corner BEHIND the tire. They are all still mounted to the bed, they will come with brackets. I am asking $200 shipped for each piece WITH brackets. I tried to upload photos but they're apparently too large for this forum. Feel free to check my feedback on TBSSOWNERS, PerformanceTrucks and LS1Tech under the same user name. Text 504858239four for photos, feel free to post what I send or I can email/text photos to anyone that wants to host. Thanks -Rich
  8. Not mine, don't know the guy but it appears to be a clean truck if anyone is looking... http://mobile.craigslist.org/cto/5829946849.html
  9. By ALL means....ladies FIRST sir
  10. GENIUS RESPONSE!!! Ya know, I don't know why on earth I didn't think of this myself. How did you make it this far in life in sir? Please enlighten us all with your infinite wisdom and guidance Oh GREAT ONE!
  11. 15276048 --THIS is the 2006/07 gloss black painted OEM grill with black mesh, I ordered mine about a month or 2 ago for less than $450 shippped.. 19122337---THIS is the 06/07 grille with SILVER mesh that WAS available at the time I ordered mine for around $600 shipped
  12. Please post photos with prices...
  13. Thanks but I'm looking for NEW... you're pricing is incorrect sir..
  14. Getting the truck painted soon..anyone happen to have any OEM SS emblems by any chance?? I need all 3, I know they're available from the dealer or ebay but just wanted to see if anyone was sitting on a set.. Thanks -Rich
  15. Yes, he still has some...PM me if your're interested
  16. Is anyone in need of the driver and passenger fender cladding?? I have both sides for sale, I'm not looking to separate unless I have 2 buyers that want either side. They were removed from a red 03.. asking $390 shipped for the pair.. Thanks -Rich
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