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  1. Thanks Rich! I appreciate the input sir! -Rich
  2. Black 2003 AWD, right around 160k miles, stock other than Magnalow muffler and 22” silver powedercoated reps. OEM 06 hood and grill swap and new paint about 3-4 years ago. The site will not let me upload pics from my phone (files are too large). Text 504-858-2394 and I can send pics. You can check out my profiles under the same name on TBSSOWNERS, LS1TECH and Performancetrucks. The truck isn’t PERFECT but runs. I’m asking $8,900. I’ll try to post photos when I get home. Bad: 1. Paint isn’t PERFECT 2. OEM Radio cuts in and out, speakers need to be replaced. 3. Dash cracks, saggy headliner. 4. Stained carpet and torn drivers seat. 5. A/C isn’t consistent, it works sometimes. 6. Tailgate handle is broken. 7. Condensation in both front turn signals. 8. Cluster stepper motors need to be replaced. 9. Truck is old and mostly original. I believe that I’m the second owner, the truck has been sitting for past few years and only gets driven on the weekend, MAYBE once a month. 10. Truck needs a tune since the cats are gone. Good: 1. Newer/low mileage wheels and tires 2. New tint and tinted tails/cab light. 3. Truck looks good from 10’ and rides good, it’s a decent driver truck. 4. Mostly original. TRUE SSS I may be leaving a few things out. I can send photos/videos to anyone seriously interested.
  3. Location? What’s “low miles”? I
  4. Only pic I can upload of the damage....usual scratches, scrapes
  5. It won't let me upload pics for some reason....
  6. I have a nice black passenger door rear cladding...text 504-858-239four for quicker response $125 shipped OBO, add 3% for paypal fees...
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