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  1. I could text someone the pics I can't get them to load on here. The pn is 14289 I got this in December 2012 and kinda forgot I had it. I kinda had the hook up at corsa through a buddy here in my town at the time I got mine the dude at corsa told me they had enuff to make only two more I got one. Again just seeing if anyone has an interest in this really wanted headers to go with the cat back but never got enuff funds not sure if Iam gonna sell but money does talk.
  2. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in a brand new in the box corsa touring exhaust??? I was gonna do headers and the exhaust at the same time and funds ran out on the headers!!!! This system has been just setting in my basement for about 4 years i may want to sell?? Anybody interested and how much? Just a thought Iam thinking about selling???????
  3. Chip


    Wtf gotta be something in the water for sure!! What's up with the cloth seats with leather headrest. All I can say is wow I gave 15,000 for my 03 six years ago with 35,000 on the clock it now has just under 90,000 maybe I should think about selling the red sled?????
  4. 03ssboy where did you get your headlights from Iam needing a new set for my 03 SS Silverado.
  5. I live in Illinois and haven't had a problem ever but if you are worried about it I will gladly take your long tube dynatech headers and mids off your hands for you!! You know to just be on the safe side!!!!!!
  6. Is the corsa touring part number 14289??
  7. Hey dude Iam really interested I will let you know before Friday!!!! I think I can use this set up and adjust everything to only drop my truck and inch all the way around with the bell tech kit you have?? Thanks Illinois roads for not letting me do a 2/2 drop!!!!
  8. You guys gotta try not your fathers root beer it is goooooood but go slow they will sneak up on ya!!!
  9. Iam in the same boat get ahold Norcal on this site I belive they are the same for stock to a 2/2 drop??
  10. Keep in mind kids don't stay little for ever and my daughter totally gets compliments from middle school boys on her dads truck that I drop her off to school in everyday its worth it!!!!!
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