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  1. thank you,Richard I'll look that up and join. so far after the reset no trouble. I talked to my friend and we had gotten gas right before that and the place we were at also sold ethanol fuel in three configurations one was 30% ethanol one was 60% ethanol through the regular gas pumps so we may have got a shot of that ethanol crap in with the premium when it first started pumping and maybe that set it off I'm not sure but whatever it is it seems to be working all right now thanks for all the help Richard I appreciate it buddy
  2. thank you, we already did that in the last 6 months, both are new.
  3. Richard thank you for the information all the codes are things that have already been replaced in the last 10,000 MI and I'm thinking since it's driving normally and I've put over 500 miles on it already maybe it'll be like yours was and not happen again it's very strange but who knows I have a code reader and my mechanic had a code reader too so maybe we'll see what happens I have a 2000 mile trip coming up here shortly because I drive it for my wife's business a lot on trips hopefully we won't have any trouble. thank you again man!
  4. My Silverado SS has newer throttle body and gas pedal. ,172xxx miles, almost all highway miles. maintained religiously. Now has randomly dropped into low power mode. turned on and off the ignition twice and went back to normal with the engine light on. when i started it up today the engine went off but now feels like a random miss at highway speeds but very, very spiritic. anyone have any real ideas for a starting place. my regular mechanic shop couldn't find anything. thanks
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