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  1. Lowered price. Going to trade it if it don't sell
  2. Dealer gave us a good amount for trade so its gone.
  3. Sweet set up Doug. I wish my garage was like that. Mine is cooled in the winter and heated in the summer
  4. Hows the track in Fayetteville. I have been here for 6 or so months and havent made it out there.
  5. I'm actually a dealer but I dont really advertise it. I only do it to give friends and family discounts.
  6. I run Amsoil in everything I own from the sss to my lawn mower. I use blackstone labs to test the oil and it has always came back with good reports. I usually get good deals on amsoil. If any one wants to run it send me a pm and I will see what I can get it for.
  7. Should have got a pink one to match the sss I have been driving a 12 xlt 5.0 for the last 15 months as my work truck. I was supprised how good the 5.0 runs. But I am going to a gmc next week.
  8. Man that sucks, I was affraid you were going to have some problems with it after the PB converter wouldn't go on.
  9. Original owner 2003 with low 30k. I need to start driving more than once a year.
  10. I haven't seen your truck on base yet but I have seen a blue one with chrome wheels and a few black ones.
  11. I talked to my neighbors and they thought the buildings were falling in. They didn't have any damage. Not sure how my place there is.
  12. My sss is in the garage at home and I cant run home to get it because My wife is Due tomorrow with our first kid but i guess he isn't ready to come yet. So that weekend he will be roughly 3 weeks old and I couldn't be gone 3 full days from them. But I will have him up there for at least one day got to start breaking him in early lol.
  13. So what your saying is this will be you soon? now that your retired lol
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