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  1. Window shopped for a new truck today. MSRP of $57,600 for a 15 leftover high country 4x4 w/ the 6.2 litre. About $55k out the door. I realized today how much I really like my SS... and the fact it's paid off :)

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    2. jddmj


      Yeahhhhh, my paid off truck drives just fine.

    3. T-Bag


      lol at "leftover" at yeah can you believe how expensive the new trucks are? Imagine the sales tax and apr if a person finances. That's like the 80K truck lol

    4. 90zxdriver


      Could you imagine the msrp if they were to bring the SS Silverado back? 13 years ago the msrp of my truck was $42k... Factor how truck prices have soared since then. I bet the SS would be in the 60's if a high country is almost 58.

  2. I have the OEM Z06 pads and they are by far the dirtiest pads I have ever experienced. The truck stops amazing but dang, those pads make a mess. The fronts are way worse than the back.
  3. OEM brakes on my 03 were horrible, especially under emergency braking situations. The original breaks are tiny on the early model Silverado with SS being no exception which is GM put bigger breaks on the 05+. The vacuum booster setup is horrid. I upgraded to the hydroboost system and it was 100% improvement. The brakes bite so much harder (hydroboost has more clamping force). I then did the Z06 conversion with SS lines and this thing will stop like a sports car now.
  4. What are you all doing for rear view camera mounting?

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    2. 90zxdriver


      I have been looking art those but then I'd have to have it painted to match.

    3. 1BAD2K


      That would be cheap, plus I don't know about you but I've had to have both my SS tailgate handle and bezel professionally repainted bc I can't stand how GM just sprayed over the texture. Looks horrible imo.

    4. 90zxdriver


      If I'm gonna get involved in painting, the whole truck is gonna get strayed. The beautiful Florida sun has taken its toll on it.

  5. Nothing but good things to say about my 420's...
  6. If only I hadn't done that Z06 conversion already!!!
  7. ^^This!^^ Only down side was a lost .5-1 mpg but when you only get 12mpg anyway... doesn't really matter
  8. Is your oil pressure sensor or gauge working correctly? It's pegged at 80 psi in that pic.
  9. Heck, my truck still turns my head. I find myself looking back at it whenever I walk away from it in a parking-lot.
  10. Daily driver, tow pig and dog hauler. I do keep it clean though but with 100k+ miles, it's just an old truck at this point.
  11. Update: drove the truck tonight. Haven't touched the MAF yet but no cel?
  12. The truck runs just as it did before the cel came on but I'm not somebody that can drive around with a cel on the dash. It will make me crazy. I'll try cleaning it again and see what happens.
  13. About 6 months ago, while putting my foot into the gas pedal, as I merged onto the highway, my CEL light came on and threw a MAF code. I toof the MAF out, sprayed it with the cleaner, checked the connection and cleaned/greased my K&N filter. I then puled the negative battery cable for the night and the CEL went away. Well, today, same thing while getting on the highway and the same CEL code. I'll try cleaning it again but does this mean it's time of a new MAF or something else I can check?
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