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  1. Is it possible to be on e85 and still spray nitrous? Ive heard it doesnt work right so I figured id ask some more opinions.
  2. Hey man, is there anyway you could post some closer up photos of the bracket? Im thinking about going ProCharger and would need a passenger side bracket as well. Great looking setup!
  3. Hey guys! Everybody take a minute and check out my videos from Ocean City Cruise Week!! One of my buddies blown G8, one of my buddies turboed silverado, and a full video of the whole weekend with gopro and drone footage. Everyone share it and give it a view, much appreciated!!
  4. My steering wheel is starting to get messed up from age, does anybody know if a newer body style steering wheel will fit an 04? If anybody has done this post a picture of it please. Thanks !
  5. Is it possible to put a newer body style Silverado steering wheel in an 04 Silverado ?
  6. would you be willing to part anything out on this truck? such as the cutouts
  7. Hey smalltownguy if you or anybody else needs any kind of decals I can make them
  8. I have a black stock hood id let go pretty cheap if your interested
  9. whats up guys, its time to make my truck a little faster. I was wondering if anybody has any experience with spraying nitrous in addition to boost. I was thinking about putting a 90 degree nozzle in the inlet of the intercooler and spraying a 50 shot dry like that? Any suggestions like how much is safe where i should spray and all that good stuff? The truck has a powerdyne supercharger on 6lbs with injectors and a decent sized intercooler. Thanks for any help!!
  10. Haha yea, worked a little photoshop magic in that one
  11. Hey man how much boost are you running? My truck is boosted as well and i was thinking about spraying it but i don't know how much it'll handle
  12. Just got a new computer and hooked it up with photoshop cs6, and i haven't posted anything about my truck for a while so i figured what the hell ill snap some pictures of it, touch them up and throw them up here, lemma know what you guys think...
  13. Nah If I'm getting it dipped I have a guy for that in Florida
  14. I just wanted to use it when I'm at the track and occasionally on the street.
  15. Does anybody have or know where I can find the carbon fiber looking dash bezel ?
  16. Has anybody on here used or know of somebody that has used an intercooler sprayer ? If so did it help at all? I found a deal on one and am deciding on whether or not to buy it
  17. I just put a pro torque stall converter in my 04 SS Silverado and was wondering if I could put the lockup on a switch? If anybody knows how or if its possible please let me know thanks
  18. I just put a pro torque stall converter in my 04 SS silverado and was wondering if I could but the lock up on a switch? If anybody knows how or if its possilble please let me know
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