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  1. Are you really interested in selling?
  2. Word sounds good. Anybody interested????
  3. I have an 03 stock pcm from my old truck before I got my Wheatley tune. Anybody know what it's worth?
  4. Ya I might just hold out until chevy makes something worth it again. Throw up a pic of your taco pro they are pretty sweet lil trucks
  5. I'm seriously debating it but I'm not sure it's a good choice financially. So I have a new 2016 tundra trd pro with only 5k miles cool truck just not my style. I only owe 25k on it and could probably sell it for 40k buy the ss for 15k and boom no truck payments! But the ss as my dd I would have to be careful with it having 80k miles. My last 03 silverado ss had 96k miles supercharged and I was just starting to have problems when I sold it. What should I do?!?! I have a ss problem that needs itched.
  6. Thinking about pulling the trigger on this. I miss my ss too much what do yall think? http://www.lwautomotive.com/2005-Chevrolet-Silverado1500/Used-Truck/Wexford-PA/8256223/Details.aspx
  7. RickRolled

    New ss

    Is it magnacharged I'm always curious who ended up with my truck.
  8. Sold! You guys have been a great group the past 6 yrs thanks for all the info and support. I will probably lurk around
  9. I called them today and asked them exactly what they did and the guy seemed like he was confused by it too. He said that when they drained the tranny fluid there was definitely metal flakes so he thought it was the transmission,they changed it and it was still making the bad howling noise but now it will engage in gear but he doesn't recommend to drive it at all. He said that he has never seen it happen before where both go bad around the same time but he said the transfer case definitely is the problem.
  10. So yesterday from a dead stop I gave it a 1/4 throttle to take off and I heard a loud bang tried putting it in any gear and no movement whatsoever,it was making a whinning noise so I looked under the truck but didn't see anything wrong like pieces or leaking fluid. Took it to a transmission shop and they got a used one in for $2100,today I get a call from them and they said install went good but it still won't go into gear and the loud whinning noise is still there he thinks it's the transfer case that caused the transmission to grenade and says a used transfer case will probably work 1000. Is there any truth to this I'm not really postive that the tranny and transfer case can both be shot when it was just driving fine one second and then bam both be bad. Any advice or suggestions would really help me out thanks!
  11. I feel ur pain bro. I'm trying to sell mine it's rough everbody always says I'd buy it if I had the money.
  12. Don't worry I will hold onto it forever if it doesn't get sold 15k is the lowest I will go and that is a crazy good deal if anyone is looking for a sss.
  13. Ok I checked it I had no idea lol. Well if anyone is interested msg me on here or send me a email [email protected]
  14. How do I check my "other" msg?
  15. Yup priced to sell quick hopefully someone will jump on it.
  16. Someone buy it! Check it out in the ss/vho section
  17. New rams look pretty sweet to me with the 5.7 and they arnt all chromed out like the ltz z71 with the 6.2 over 50k. I'm thinking 550+shipping with 8 credits
  18. Ya hopefully I get home in 2 weeks I want to get the new ram rebel or look into another chevy.
  19. Ya I thought I would be getting a lot of people after it. Guess I was way way wrong if I have to keep it I won't be sad lol
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