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  1. Sweet looking set up! It deffinately makes me wish I still had my SS.
  2. I'm in U.S. Navy (E-6/AW1), just rolled over 8 years last August and am also in P-3's like ItsJak. I have done the Europe deployment twice. and once to Peurto Rico. I am about 9 classes away from a B.S. and should have a OCS package in soon after its done.
  3. Thanks, after deal after deal falling through its gone. What a pain in the rear!
  4. The tonneau cover is finally sold!!!
  5. Bump.........X2000 Still available, PM if interested.
  6. I had a full set of Billet Aluminum Servos and a progressive tranny line pressure and it was almost rediculous shifting into second under partial throttle. I did learn quickly to feather the throttle a little as it went into second and it solved alot of the neck breaking partial throttle shift. At WOT it shifted nice, solid and quick.
  7. When I bought mine in 2003, they needed me to come out and drop off some paper work they messed a few times and let me fill up myself on their bill each time which was kind of nice (93 for free three times).
  8. Bump, the X2000 is still available, pm with a resonable offer, local pick up only. I also have the factory floor mats that are barely used pm with offer, I will ship the mats.
  9. What made you decide to switch to the HD hood vs. an aftermarket hood?
  10. Dang, 4 years old? Its amazing how time flys! I am trying to get back up there and we will have to take the new truck for a ride.
  11. Bill, is at exciting as the Lightening?! By the way hows the little boy doin'?
  12. The X-2000 is still available for a reasonable offer shoot me a pm. Local pick up only. Also, I found my front floor mats if any one is interested. I think they where in the truck for a few months and I swapped them for the Catch-alls, pm for pricing.
  13. [email protected], your right, the Type S has 201 and the base model is around 160 or so and the type R RSX doesnt exsist. Good kill though, I would have loved to run my truck with Civic Si, like yall said, the truck would walk on it, it would have just been nice to see were they stood against each other.
  14. The tonneau cover is still available for local pick up. PM me with a reasonable offer if you interested and willing to drive to Jacksonville, FL, to pick up.
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