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  1. Got a new Walbro 450 installed this week, decided to keep stock fuel lines for now as they should be plenty to support the power I am looking to make. Also finally got my catch can setup and 300 amp alternator installed. Wheels will be done next week so I will have some new exterior shots then. Also bought a new daily driver this week thanks to Volkswagen buying our Jetta back.
  2. Will definitely take a radiator shroud if you get this going. Probably would also be interested in the electrical box and cover.
  3. So I've replaced a starter over the last year but otherwise trouble free until this week. Fuel pump decided to crap out on the highway a couple days ago, got the tank pulled and found out that it has a single Walbro GSS340 in it with some rubber line that specifically states not to use it with fuel injection and a bunch of stock crap otherwise. Getting pricing on a new much bigger pump and braided line with AN fittings for the whole setup to get ordered and replaced. I imagine this will take care of my stalling problems and also allow us to dial up some settings in my tune since it will be getting enough fuel now. Also have a 300 amp alternator and a catch can that I will finally get put in at the same time. My wheels are back off and getting powdercoated fully gloss black like I should have done the first time around, should have all that back next week too. Will grab some photos and hopefully new video once all that is done.
  4. I've never had a problem with that, wheels are off and going back to the powdercoater to go back to black currently and a new set of 305/40R22s are going on when they get done.
  5. Do you have a photo of which one that is? I have an older one sitting in my garage but not sure what version it is.
  6. How much per poster shipped to 98226? Might be interested in both.
  7. Finally got around to getting my 4L65E torn down to find out what went wrong with it. Turns out it was the oil fill tube and I probably should have just gotten it fixed, but entirely too late for that. So I have a bunch of good performance parts out of it available. Photos of everything are in the link, I am not sure what to ask on this stuff yet, but it all has under 5,000 miles of use and the transmission cost nearly $4000 when built. If anyone has input on pricing that would help. http://s1274.photobucket.com/user/amscholtz/library/Parts%20for%20Sale
  8. Progress looks good, any clue what the cost of the radiator cover will be?
  9. Looks like mine, Gemtop GT Classic? I knew they were getting tough to find but didn't know it was that tough.
  10. Still interested in the radiator cover, I PMed you May 10th but hadn't seen anything back so not sure if you got it.
  11. It is yes, but with as much as I have spent on all the other crap under the hood it isn't too much. I pretty much just do car shows with the thing nowadays anyway.
  12. How much on the bumper cover if you drop it off on the way through, I wouldn't mind having an extra just in case I want to go back to a normal bumper some day. I live right over the Canadian border off I-5.
  13. I am pretty sure I have an extra seat harness as well, once yours is sold let me know who else needed one. If someone has a part number for it I can verify as I have a bunch of harnesses left from my wrecked truck. I also still have an overhead console if someone else needed one since it looks like you sold yours.
  14. I would be interested in it as well obviously once pricing is figured out.
  15. I shipped a ton of parts off my old one including the cladding, ended up making far more than $3500 even with most of the front end stuff not able to be sold.
  16. If I can't track one down by spring I will probably just order up a stock one and dip it. If someone gets a group buy or something going please let me know.
  17. I've been missing my radiator cover for awhile and since my truck is now basically just a show truck I'd like to buy one of the carbon fiber radiator covers that get made on here from time to time. Please let me know if you have one that your interested in selling.
  18. I might still have that, I will dig around tomorrow when I have time, you need the whole thing with the heater box?
  19. Cladding and mirrors are gone, I only have a few drivetrain and interior parts left.
  20. I like them both honestly, I've put enough stuff into my SS that I don't think I'll get called out for having the 300. I've got a cheater Jetta Sportwagon TDI too!
  21. What part of Canada? I live very close to the border near Vancouver and I have some spare parts from a part out, let me know what you need.
  22. That sucks, I don't even want to know what it will cost me if any of my brake stuff fails.
  23. I still have some parts from my black truck and a few random leftovers from my trans swap if you end up needing anything else. What are you motor/trans plans on it, just leaving the swap as is once you get the little stuff fixed up?
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