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  1. I have a whole tail gate just missing the top cladding but shipping would be killer
  2. Muggs all is good im in the process of buying a house and all the joys of that. Yes dan i got an ecoboost mustang and im having fun messing with it but once we get into the house im getting something old to tinker with
  3. Not on here much myself but nice to see a few of the former names come back even if it is just to say hey
  4. if you were closer id be game i still have mine off my truck has the badges and the lower cladding on it
  5. Yea up here in concord there's 3 or 4 i see running around concord/harrisburg area
  6. Not anymore but there are a lot of them running around i have noticed
  7. i have 2 people interested but its not over til i have cash in hand
  8. here is the new listing http://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/5580358906.html
  9. I've had more of the ill give you 10K and I tell them I don't need to sell but I know what I want out of it and im not taking any less
  10. I just bumped my F/S post if your interested hit me up

  11. Ok heres the deal everyone I still have the truck and im entertaining any offers that are reasonable. I'm also willing to deliver the truck within a reasonable distance. I' now located in Concord, NC im asking 18,500 OBO. If you want pictures i can text them to you or email them to you. I'm buying a house in the next few months. Also the title is clean and clear maryland title.
  12. Not looking good for me this year anyway. im coming back home 2 weeks before that so I know I wont be able to get off work for that
  13. Yea its an old craigslist ad and i moved to NC
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