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  1. It's good to see that you're still making your bowties!
  2. Welcome to the site, there is allot of great information on here and allot of experience.
  3. I've missed this site and all of you! I've actually noticed there is a few more original members than I figured but it would be great to have everyone fir the early days still here. I deployed with the Navy on a customs mission.
  4. Thanks everyone, the truck is still fully modded and only had about 20k miles more than it did when I traded her. I do have some work to do to it, tie rods, ball joints and maybe need to rebuild the diffs, I can here a low whine when I let off the gas.
  5. Hey all, just thought I'd reintegrate. After having my truck for such a long time, I traded it in 2 years ago after I got back from a year and a half deployment to the middle east. I hated to do it but I was thinking about my family at the time. I missed it so much that I was checking around to see about getting another when I came across an ad selling one and low and behold, it was my truck so now I'm the proud new owner, again, of MY old Silverado SS. It's great to have hey back and great to be back online here. Cody
  6. 8 years active duty Navy and now going on 6 years Navy Reserve...Currently sitting in Kuwait doing a 14 month deployment...about 6 months into it right now...
  7. Thanks guys for all the comments...sorry it's taken so long to post but I have just gotten settled enough here in the Middle East on deployment that I can finally get on the internet ...
  8. Thanks man for looking out for me...since i'm in training for my deployment I did not see this thread...this sucks too cause I still need one, the dealership has it on order but don't even know if they can get it... Thanks again man for looking out Cody
  9. Well, here are the first few pics that my wife has sent me of the new hood ($50 out of pocket ) And Yes, I notice the dealer installed my newly painted shopman bowtie upside-down too...
  10. Yep, the tranny issues are solved. I had Hughes build me a street/strip 4L80E with the conversion for the AWD. Bought all the brackets, shortened and lengthened the driveshafts and she's running good...trying to nail down my tune again though.
  11. Another positive is he dealership doing the repairs is doing a cowl hood for mee instead of factory...
  12. Well all, sorry that it took so long to post but I have left on deployment for a year and have now gotten some time to post this. Last week on Tuesday, 5 days before I left, my wife was running to the store to pick up some items. She turned a corner at a light and was getting a phone call so she pulled off the road to answer. Whe she had seen that it was someone she could call back, she put the phone down and got ready to re-enter the roadway. She was quite far off the road since she pulled off next to a cotton field so as she began turning back toward the road, she seen a truck coming so she stopped. Just as she stopped, that truck clipped the front of the truck pulling it into the road (she was still in he dirt shoulder when she was hit). either she nor the other driver was hurt and the police woman cited the other driver as the aggresor (we're guessing that he was trying to beat the red light and when my wife approached him after the accident, he had his cell phone grasped in his hand). Now the only problem is the dealer cannot locate that drivers side bumper vent so if anyone has one or knows where I can find one, please let me know. I will still be stateside for a little while longer. Cody
  13. Quite possible, I am just at a loss right now and am trying to think of anything that could be the cause...I think I may do a compression check just to make sure that it's not a burned or sticking valve...I doubt it is since I have no real valve train noise, just a little clattering when it's cold. I'm gonna keep digging.
  14. Well, I read through that PT.net tr=hread and not quite the same issue, his seems to be at higher speeds and RPM range. Mine is when it's cold after first start up and the lag from Idle to about 2800-3000 rpm range when I go WOT from a stop. After I installed the new rear O2's, it has even gotten better but it's still not the same as it was before. Could this be a cam problem? I keep thinking with my maggie (6-7 psi at WOT) now having about 60k miles on it with the stock compression that it may be flattening the cam. Does anyone else think that this could be the issue? The motor has just shy of 99K miles on it right now.
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