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  1. Already sold man, thanks... To the other guy, most people wouldn't use 8 credits so why not save a little money? Apparently I wasn't to far off, it sold pretty quickly. Have a good night.
  2. No worries, they will be in the mail shortly.
  3. That's the idea, but I won't wait to find one. I'm going to the local dealer here in the next few days if I can't find one on here.
  4. I'm having trouble finding one guys, anyone have one or have an idea of where to get one?
  5. Bummer, thanks anyway. The pillar pod wouldn't help me, I'm taking my triple off. I just need the stocker to replace it.
  6. Got a set, thanks a bunch for the help guys!
  7. I do need the one with the tweeter in it. Please let me know, thanks John.
  8. I need a replacement for mine, I had gauges and had to put holes in mine anyone have one?
  9. In need of 3 piece covers for my SS.
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