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  1. Looking to get $600obo... also have the cam that is in my signature for sale too would like to get $175 for it Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  2. I have a set of LS2 style injectors for sale. They are injector dynamics ID1000.. they come with the plugs aswell. I paid over $900, they've been on the truck for about a yr only 6k miles on them. Went back to stick so I don't need them. I'm trying to upload pics but it's not letting me file is too big
  3. Pics?? Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  4. These still for sale?? Do they plug into factory harness or other??... and are these 42lb injectors?
  5. Ahhh yes the gear I said works for the 246 tcase with auto trac selectable 4wd Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  6. Just thought it would be trick to just hit a button to up shift or downshift
  7. Is there? Or anyone that knows if it's possible to put a tap shift gear selected on our trucks? Just curious, instead of manually going up or down on the lever..I know fleece performance makes one to adapt a 01-05 5 speed Allison to tap dhift.. just wondering if it's possible to adapt our trucks
  8. 12547998 is the gear you need... well it's the one I used for the NP246 transfercase
  9. Buy a new one at dealership, run a new filter... mine got clogged from the dirt... fixed my issue when I had that code
  10. The longer one is my factory 70e dipstick and the shorter one is the 80e I bought from PATC...
  11. bigreds10

    The Storm

    Okay cool thank you... I was able to find these ones in -6 for 4l80 Rather than the 4l60e ones that I have a much shorter and the rear fitting needed to be longer Hopefully wed I'll be doing the 80e swap in the driveway haha
  12. bigreds10

    The Storm

    What fittings did you use for your 97+ rear fitting... cause I heard it's longer on the rear fitting versus the front.... I need it in -6 but can't find it anywhere
  13. Okay cool thank you...I'll have to drop the pan and mark the stick properly. My trans will hopefully be done tomorrow... then install and time for new shafts to be made and tune
  14. I'm kinda glad I seen this before I ordered a NW 102 tb.... I plan on running about 14psi on my ls3 tvs2300 for the 408ci ..... I Def don't want it slamming shut under high boost
  15. Okay thank you... I bought a 4l80 dipstick tube and dipstick ($49 from PATC) I was gonna run that but if my stock one will work I'll just do that
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