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  1. Yes 24" KMC Slides, 295/35/24
  2. No plans on buying another SS at this time. I'm in the market for a C5 corvette. Being I still want sporty, but better gas mileage. My folks own a 93 C4 and that's my current driver. Im falling for it hard, so I must 1 up them!
  3. Here's the final verdict from the insurance company folks... They totalled it, they low balled me at 16,3k first I didn't accept it. I fought it and found many trucks(none like mine) worth that. After a week of going back and forth we came to an agreement, 18.3k after the deductible. Am I happy about the truck being stolen and the hard work put into it? No, am I happy for the outcome of paying the damn thing off? YES!
  4. Here was my truck on a nice rainy day. Sitting all sexy. Let's hope the auto body does work!
  5. Update: Talked with insurance. They're going to fix the truck to "Immaculate" stock condition. I quote it because well see what is immaculate is to them. I will take the loss on all my stereo items. He couldn't find KMC Slides online he said so he's giving me a check for silverado SS stock rims/tires brand new, which comes out to more than what I paid for the KMC slides. All aftermarket parts that were damaged I will also get a check for. I'm happy with this outcome because when I bought the truck it wasn't in the best shape, I made it look this way... and it also didn't have stock rims/tires, which I would've loved to have too.
  6. Thanks for the support folks, will keep you guys updated. Haven't heard anything yet from insurance.. As of now it still stands, they want to fix it... Which I think once they start dishing out all this money, they'll realize, "Well sh*t - the truck is totalled."
  7. Nothing yet, I talked to them tuesday was the last day. The adjustor wants and thinks it's repairable, the auto body said totaled. I'm sure they're hashing it out.
  8. I have a good feeling that this is quite a possibility. When I notified the manager her response was... "Wow we've never had this happen before, we're sorry." I talked to the deputy and he couldn't pull any prints off it. Who knows, stories are unlimited. Everything is still there, but they damaged it all, instead of taking it... I do have a garage, but it didn't fit in there. So I had to park outside :\
  9. I wish my apartments garage was big enough to fit my truck... Sucks so bad, so they gave me a designated spot RIGHT IN FRONT of my apt. I would've heard it start up, the dudes pushed my truck away then started it. Was stolen between 8-10pm. IM surprised no one saw it... interesting, unless it was an inside job from the "security guards" we have on patrol here
  10. Insurance is definitely will definitely work with me. I have reciepts for most of my stuff, excluding the drop kit. I wonder if Tony will help me out on this one X_X. I was deployed while I bought it! Tony! Where are you!?
  11. Oh also, all my cables to battery were sliced, fuses were missing... Bumpers don't like up anymore... nothing aligns.
  12. Hey guys, been a very long time since I had logged on here. I still rocked the SS for a long time, until last week thursday night it was stolen right in front of my apartment. It was found 12 hours later in Perris, in a dirt field sitting on the dirt. They stripped everything, rims, system, some cladding, frame is bent, rear axle is all tweak from them dragging it. Dents all over, headlights missing, Shopman bowtie gone, grill gone, doors do not shut, corsa sport exhaust was ripped off due to them dragging it. They cut my alarm etc etc etc. The list goes on. I do have insurance, which the truck was considered totaled by the auto body shop. Haven't heard back from insurance yet, the adjustor needs to go out and check the trucks condition. Here's a few pictures... Trust me, pictures don't do justice... The truck is torn to shit.
  13. I have 5 all around, and 35 on the whole windshield... Living in souther cali... imagine how many times I get pulled over. 0. Good story though.
  14. Damn, i'm in Fontana as well... if this doesn't sale in a couple days(xmas issues w/ money) i'll pick it up from you.
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