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  1. I am sure this is an extreme troll post but... you got me. I guess the original poster does now know the difference between 1/2 ton 3/4 ton and 1 ton trucks. So if a SS is a 1/2 ton truck it should be capabile of putting 1000 lbs in the bed. Not 1700 lbs. That is like saying i can't fit 7 people in a smart car... well it was not made for that get an SUV. Well done OP on the troll post of the day! Cheers! Bobby
  2. My favorite newer truck is the High Country with the brown leather interior. I think it is an absolutely beautiful truck. But to be honest I can not see myself shucking out that kind of money for a late model truck. It is crazy to me to pay 40, 50 or even 60K for a truck. Now that I am a little older...35 I am smarter with my money. I have my 04 SS and my wife drives a 09 mini cooper s. Both are paid for. I am not a huge fan of large car payments. To be honest I would rather buy and old C10 then a 2019 Silverado. I dont think they look very good and I cant see the value in them. But the good news is maybe in 4 or 5 years I can afford a 2016 High Country. lol.
  3. Blown 346... I just noticed you are from Rockford, IL? What a small world... I was born and raised in Byron. My mom lives in Rockford now. I myself have not lived in that area for over 14 years though.
  4. Thanks for the reply's. I have had my truck for about 12 years now and it is bone stock.. lol... But I am going to put some love into her. The one thing about this truck is the body style has lasted the test of time and still looks great. But i am thinking new rims, and I have plans for a complete custom new stereo. I am on the fence about lowering it. I know a few places have some really nice kits. But one this is that the SS has been built pretty well and in 12 years and 130K miles I have no issue other than routine maintenance, change fluids and windshield wipers. But that's about it.
  5. Thanks for the info. Those look awesome man. My truck is black as well but an 04 awd. Looking to drop it too but it's it is a daily driver so don't want to sacrifice reliability for looks. Another question. How do you keeps your headlights so clear? Mine look so yellow like somebody pissed on them lol. Thanks again for the info Richard.
  6. Gents, I was looking at lowering my 2004 AWD. I use it as a daily driver so looking for how it performs in the long run. If you have run into any issues with having the drop over a long period of time. It looks great but want to know if it impacts the trucks drive ability. Thanks, Bobby
  7. It looks like this is the proper one. 528-S116229577+31 It is the 6.5x5 with a 78.1 bore and 31mm offset. seem like these would bolt right up with no issue. What do you guys think? Are they the right ones?
  8. Guys, Looking to get a set of 22in DUB baller S116. They offer a bunch of options but I am not sure what ones fit an 2004 SS. I know they are 6X5.5 but not sure about off set and hub bore. This is the site I was looking at thoughts? https://4wheelonline.com/dub-wheels-baller-s116.251419.0 Bobby
  9. I know this is an old thread but.... I am never selling my truck. I am going to dive it until the wheels fall off then put them back on again. A new trunk these days are 30-60K and for me that is a lot of money. But an engine from ebay is 3k a rebuilt trans is a few k. It doesn't make sense to get rid of it. Yes, i will agree it does get old having the same truck for 11 years but I still love it. And i can tell you this much no car payment will bring me more joy then being debt free riding in a SS. It is old and has a lot of war wounds. I need to replace some cladding and other cosmetic parts but she still looks good after 11 years and i get compliments and somebody offers to buy it at least once a month. Now I will be honest, I am going to buy an OG SS one ove these days with the 454 in it. I really hated that maroon interior though. But I always thought it would be cool to have my 04 ss and a 90 ss.
  10. All, I have a 2004 SS bone stock with 120K miles on it. But for some reason when i am driving my DIC will turn off. All other gauges work as they should. If i tap on the plastic cover a few times the DIC will show back up, then in a few minutes turn back off. I have taken it out and reseated the connection. But after a while it goes back to having the same issue. Has anybody ran into this. Is it the cluster? Or a connection feeding it? I found on ebay there are some shops that rebuild them and i know a few guys here have taken them apart and have changed LEDs. Just wondering the your guys thoughts. Bobby
  11. Guys, I have a 04 SSS and looking to put an aftermarket stereo system. I am looking to upgrade the deck to a double din, replace the door speakers with components and put a couple of 10s under the back seat. I would say max RMS watts would be less 1500. Also, I live overseas in Italy so I cannot just run down to the local store for parts so I need to plan this upgrade out. I also use my truck as a daily driver and take it all over Europe so being reliable is a big concern. The options I am looking at are. Option 1. New Optima yellow top battery. New 145amp alternator. Big three upgrade and replace the serpentine belt and pulleys. Option 2. New alternator, serpentine belt and pulleys, Big three upgrade and keep current battery… Battery is 6 years old but is still in good condition. Option 3. Just replace battery with a optima yellow top and keep current alternator. What are your guys thoughts? Any other options I am missing? Thanks in advance, Bobby
  12. I have 118K on my black 04 SSS. Other than oil changes (regularly) the only issue I had was the anti lock brake actuator needed to be repaired. That's it. I also don't drive it like an **** either. I am only 34 but drive it like a respectable adult. If I want speed or hooliganism I take my motorcycle. My mom and sister are coming to visit me in Italy, I plan on loading that bad boy up and going thru 3 or 4 countries. I never had any issues and my truck has been to Germany, England, Italy, Austria. Not like there is a local chevy dealer where I can get parts #trust!
  13. I might be a N00b here but my manual for my 05 SSS says Auto Trak II is for Automatic Transfer Case (four-wheel Drive) and to use Dexronn-III Automatic transmission fluid for Transfer Case (All -Wheel Drive) hmmmmmmm I think I am going to go with Mobil 1 synthetic ATF that meets Dexron-III standards. and some Mobil 1 SAE 75W-90 for the reas and 80W-90 for the front. Thanks EXGM for the response... What you think will the Mobil 1 fit the bill?
  14. I am looking to buy cladding for my truck. Looking to buy driver door and the piece just ahead of the driver door on the fender. My truck is a black 04 any color will work because I am going to get the truck repainted. Plus if anybody knows where I can buy cladding please let me know... Thanks, Bobby
  15. Hello, I have a 2004 SSS and need to replace the rear/front differential fluid along with the t-case fluid. I have searched the threads and there are wonderful how to's but what is the current products you guys are using. I live overseas in Italy so I cant pop down to the dealer to get this information (plus I trust your inputs more anyways). I am going to order it all off of amazon. Thanks in advance guys. Bobby
  16. WTB 2004 SS drivers' door and the small fender piece in front the the door cladding. PM me if you have some for sale and will ship USPS to APO. Living in England is beating my truck up! Bobby
  17. Hey guys just wanted to know if any of you are selling a lower front door body molding for an 04 SS Black. I have found some on ebay and other websites but they all want 279$ for it. I really dont want to pay that much. Also I need it Shipped APO, Living in England right now. Hard to find parts for an SS over here. Thanks Guys Bobby
  18. All right guys I’m having problems isolating my left turn signal problems. What is happening. My right turn signal is fine no problems also my 4-ways work as well. My right turn signal on the other hand is not working. Also I have NO other electrical failures either. I referred to the owner’s manual with little luck. So what I did was remove the fuse panel. The relay 25A CB is clicking away with the 4-ways and on right but the left is not working. Also I check the 4 fuses 10ALT Turn they are also good fuses. Now here is the question am I missing a relay that would cause this? Maybe under the hood. But I did not just see a Left turn signal relay they are tied into more fuses. Thanks in advance for the help guys! Bobby
  19. Hey Guys, Take a look at this head unit. What do you think? I know that it is a off brand but it looks pretty nice and it has a bunch of good features. I am not the most knowledgeable what it comes to audio systems. Anybody have any other ideas for a double din Nav/DVD/ head unit? Thanks Bobby http://cgi.ebay.com/7-LCD-TouchScreen-Car-...=item48361ec33c
  20. Thanks Guys for all the welcomes! Yeah England is not ment for a full size truck. It can get a bit crazy in some small towns. Also peoples reactions are quite funny. Some love is and some hate it. Here is a pic of the Rim.
  21. Shuan I have been looking but like you said they are normally sold in a set of four. I found some replicas online for around 200$ so I might have to go that route. I was really looking for somebody that had one laying around the shop looking to get rid of it. Thanks for the welcome! And i am looking foward to opening up the checkbook! Bob
  22. Hello All, My name is bobby and I am in the Air Force stationed out here in England. I bought my 04 SS just over two years ago and its been my first love ever sence "Don't tell my wife". Well I think that she already knows. HAHAHA. But anyways I came across this website when i was looking for a new rim. We had a bad snow for England and i slid on some ice hit a curb and busted up one of my rims pretty badly. Now the down side is that I am across the pond from any help. "Mine is the only SS I have seen over here and I drive it proud!" Well if any of you guys have a OEM 20 for sale i would greatly appericate it. Also I have a APO address witch means it basicaly the price to ship to the east coast. Well guys I am looking foward to sharing ideas and just enjoying the love of SS with everybody! Cheers from England Bobby
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