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  1. Let's see...I just need to save up for the twin turbo set up for the Z06, and then I could REALLY have some fun!!!
  2. Wow Brian...a play on words.... Sounds like something that I would say (I prefer the word VEHICLE, though)!
  3. Me...in front of my new 'toy'
  4. Those are the NAGS (National Auto Glass Specifications) list prices. They are what 90% of glass shops use as a pricing benchmark.
  5. It depends on what glass you have...here are the options and list prices: Solar (Dark Tint) w/ Heat - $196.6 Solar (Clear/Green Tint) w/ heat - $192.40 Solar (Dark Tint) w/o Heat - $185.90 Solar (Clear/Green Tint) w/o Heat - $185.90 Again....all of those are LIST prices. Depending on where you are, you can expect 25%+ off. Also, there will be about $20.00 in installation materials (urethane, primers, etc.) Labor time is 2.6 Hours - probably run you about $90.00. Hope that helps...I am a little far away to be putting you in a backglass....
  6. Damn Brian....53...next thing you know the kids are going to have to put you in a 'home'!
  7. You're just getting old and senile....but we already knew that... Thanks Dale for coming to my rescue. I have been getting REALLY, REALLY tired of being the only non-black VEHICLE at all of these gatherings. Black looks great and all, but I am sure that they made red ones, and blue and silver for that matter! I was telling my old man that I think if I drive the Z06 again you guys won't let me park by you...I think it was Bob that said noone was looking the the SSs and going straight for the Vette!
  8. I am just glad you guys love me soo much..... Hey Brian, remember me saying something like... "I hope that I am not the only Non Black VEHICLE there again..." I will try and get my photos up this weekend. I really did have a great time. Maybe next time Joe could raffle off a ride in the Vette...I know Bob would buy a ticket!
  9. Brian, you have way too much free time....
  10. Maybe I know what I sould drive to Michigan this year....
  11. Maybe if you are a good boy Bob I will take you for a ride.....
  12. Vette...but then again I am a little bias.... Let me tell you, the Z06 is plenty at 500HP on the streets...I just can't imagine another 100+ horse in the car!
  13. No.... But my mother does call it her grandchild....but we won't go there. A funny story from the gathering.... They had all of the vehicle lined up shooting some pictures, then the photographer told us to go stand by each of our vehicles....if memory serves me correctly, I wasn't the only one standing next to my car (cough...Brian...cough...Bob)! Although, it does seem that the photo taken of us holding the SSS.com banner was in front of the Z06!
  14. Trust me, I have been called an SOB more times since I purchased that car than I have ever remembered. It was priceless...the look on Brian's face (hot rod truck) when he pulled up, looked around, and asked me where my truck was.....he was standing 3 feet away from the car!
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