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  1. billy 2

    2014 sliverado stalls

    Do the 2014 Silverado's have a crank sensor.
  2. billy 2

    2014 sliverado stalls

    My 2014 Silverado on occasion will stall at low speeds, mostly while pulling into a driveway or parking lot. The engine just shuts off, seemingly for no reason; the rest of the time it runs great. Recently had the throttle body cleaned; it was dirty. I thought that was the problem. It ran a little better but is still stalling at very low speeds. billy
  3. billy 2

    Oil Presure

    I have a 2005 Silverado I bought new, The problem is when I turn the ignition on the oil presure gauge will go to 80psi without starting the engine. Is the gauge bad or is it the sending unit? Thanks billy 2
  4. I have a 2005 Silverado with 39000 miles. When leaving from a stop I hear a clunk coming from the rear ,I think. It seems a little worse when it is colder.I took it to Chevrolet and they said they couldn't find anything wrong, but they did replace the yoke coming out of the transmission.This started about two years ago. Has anybody had this problem and, if so, what was it and what's the fix? I still have one more year of warranty left. Thanks bill 2
  5. billy 2

    Steering Wheel Clunking Petition Y/N ?

    I have a 2005 Ext cab Z71 That has the same popping noise. Had GM dealer look at it a couple years ago with 20,000 miles on it. Said they couldn't find anything. I guess I will give them another chance, the truck is still under warranty. I just wish they would come up with real fix.