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  1. As long as you are stick spindles, factory read disc and standard 10-bolt you should be fine. If you are factory rear drum, you will need to get the parts from a factory rear disc setup. 4wd or 2wd, doesn’t matter.
  2. I personally have never warped my rotors my over torquing but the other person that has a similar problem said that was the culprit. As far as I know, the 2-piece rotors have been around long before these brackets. I’m not sure why they are telling you it’s only for the 1 ton trucks. I know there have been people that have called Baer in the past and got some weird answers. When they make a mistake and it gets figured out the excuse is typically “oh, I was looking at the wrong list.” More than once I spoke with someone there and got that response. I’ve even had people email me saying that they spoke with someone at Baer and the part numbers listed in the how to are not correct. But if I go on Baer’s website, they are the same as a I posted.
  3. Hey Hunter. While I don’t have answers to everything I can answer some questions and have a few suggestions. 1/2 In all the time I’ve been selling these brackets I’ve only had one other person report back to have an issue like you. It’s been a while but I believe he replaced a bunch of parts like you and in the end, the rotor was warping from over torquing the lug nuts. I’d also recommend pulling everything apart and checking mating surfaces. Make sure there aren’t any rub marks, impact marks, or any damage. Check for the mating surfaces to be fairly flat and true. 3. The problem is most like not the pads not being 100% contact with the rotor. There are way too many guys running Z06 calipers that don’t have any issues. If that were the cause we would see way more people with the same issue. 4. To my knowledge, Baer has always made a 2-part rotor an option for the front. They cost about twice as much from what I understand and I believe much lighter as well.
  4. Sorry didn’t reply sooner, didn’t see your post. Currently sold out. I’ve had a few people email recently. Probably going to make another run of brackets. Drop me a line [email protected]
  5. Anything is possible given enough time and money. I looked into this years ago and in my opinion, it’s not a viable option. No instagram. Not a big fan of social media.
  6. Still have some left. Email is the best way to get ahold of me. [email protected]
  7. [email protected] I don’t get on here much these days. I still have a few left.
  8. Still have some left if anyone is looking for these. Most likely won’t be making another run.
  9. As long as it’s a standard 10 bolt rearend you should be fine. More than a few Escalade guys have done the conversion and never heard about any issues or complaints.
  10. Sorry for the late reply. Don’t get on here too often. If you have McGaughy drop spindles they are not a direct bolt on. In order for them to work you need to elongate the holes. I can’t recommend this for liability reasons but there have been more than a few that have done it successfully. If you have Belltech, you should be fine. Belltechs are almost very close to gym calipers.
  11. Were you ever able to put enough people together to make the z06 brackets for the NBS truck platform? I’m interested in a couple sets if you have any. Thank you

  12. Unfortunately I was forced to sell my truck a little while back for personal reasons so I’m unable to get the dimensions you need. But my guess would be that the smallest wheel that might work besides 20” wheel would maybe be a 19” wheel. I’m fairly certain a 18” wheel will not work.
  13. Wish I could help but never had anyone ever put them on anything smaller than a 20” wheel.
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