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  1. The tan AR is mine and the desert camo Benelli.
  2. Surprised there has been no mention of springfield XDM's I have several and love them and jut recently bough an XDs and love it.
  3. Finally got the truck up and running here's a few vids.
  4. With the return style fuel system on my tahoe i was able to see 65psi at the rail. I dicked around for quite a while with maf tune and in my opinion speed density tunes are the way to go its the only way to correctly tackle partial throttle fueling like when you are giving it 40% throttle and then going up a hill with maf tune you will see the same fuel as if you were on flat land which is not right because you get into more boost with more load on the truck. Depending on how much boost your running i feel that the maf is restricitve also I noticed a major difference going from maf to speed density just my .02 good luck.
  5. jlosh20s


    I would recommend it for sure stiffer springs and higher lift cam equals more stress on the lifters.
  6. jlosh20s


    Ah cool beans then its just that theres lots of people that dont take the time to measure them. You planning on swapping lifters?
  7. Ok just got off plane and back home heres some more parts i ordered while away hopefully have it fired up in a couple days!
  8. jlosh20s


    Congrats on the parts man but isnt ordering pushrods and springs before heads like putting the carriage in front of the horse?? Theres a good chance that your gonna need different pushrods when its all said and done.
  9. Thanks and im planning on either a 408 or 427 for the hoe just have to get this one out of the way first!
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